We are living in the middle of a stress epidemic- the World Health Organization calls stress’ the state epidemic of the twenty-first century’. But what can we do about it?

Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my weekly podcast for your brain, torso, and soul. Each week I’ll be featuring inspirational storeys and practical gratuities from some of my former guests.

Today’s clip is from episode 56 of the podcast with neuroscientist, researcher and scribe of the book’ Stress-Proof, Dr. Mithu Storoni.

In this clip, Mithu uncovers the outcome of that her investigate on the common causes of stress and how it feigns our state. She yields some immense practical gratuities on how we can help to buffer ourselves from the consequences of stress by changing some of our daily habits.

Disclaimer: The material in the podcast and on this webpage is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical suggestion, diagnosis, or management .*

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Listen to the full speech with Dr Storoni now:

Audio version: #56 Becoming Stress Proof with Dr Mithu Storoni

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