Architecture firm BIG has exhausted personas to present its transformation of an vacated historic building in Copenhagen into the new site of famed Nordic restaurant Noma.

Aptly referred to as Noma 2.0 by BIG, which refurbished the old-fashioned arrangement and created brand-new additions, the Michelin-starred restaurant’s brand-new dwelling is located in the Christiania freetown in the Danish capital.

Noma by BIG

The building is an ex-military storehouse announced Sominedepotet, constructed in 1917 and once used to accumulation excavations for the Royal Danish Navy.

Before this, the wider area was part of the Greenlandic Trading Square and was the center for swap, peculiarly the export of salted fish, for roughly 200 years.

Noma by BIG

Abandoned for several years and covered in graffiti, the linear warehouse-like structure was modernise, while taking into account the strict systems for preserving the historically significant site.

“Due to the landmark status of the site, governments exclusively admitted extensions to Sominedepotet in areas where small-scale propagations( later swallowed) is already unearthed, ” said BIG.

Noma by BIG

The project involved the creation of a “community” of new builds, located along the southern end of the existing structure.

Comprising a total of 11 openings, the waterfront quality peculiarity a newly completed kitchen ranked at the centre, within a group of seven free-standing structures.

Noma by BIG

“The organisation of Noma 2.0 encounters revelation in the traditional Nordic farm typology, the saeter- a loose cluster of individual structures housing individual offices, spread across the landscape- and the arctic village, where builds are closely related bu visually diverse alterations of the same nature, ” BIG said.

The front-of-house services are located in this “village”, all within the let footprint for new development. Inside the existing arrangement is the back-of-house curriculum, linked together with a transition wall along the east-facing facade.

Noma by BIG

“Each building-within-the-building is connected by glass shielded roads for chefs and guests to follow the modifications to weather, daybreak and seasons- drawing the natural environment an integral part of the culinary suffer, ” said BIG.

The restaurant has an open floor plan, designed so that guests can experience chefs cook, alongside a variety of local materials and structure procedures to relate to the site’s heritage.

Noma by BIG

Throughout the interiors, light-headed timber and glass feature prominently- from a glazed ceiling to disclosed wooden rays. A breakfast nook forgets the site’s grasslands and lake, with stacked beam timbers that take cues to piled lumber at a lumber yard.

Furniture includes oak counters and chairs with hand-woven rope benches, designed specifically for the restaurants sector by Studio David Thulstrup, which firstly secreted images of the brand-new Noma in June 2018.

Noma by BIG

Also met are rock-like concrete vases, designed by Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundquist.

Noma 2.0 also includes three greenhouses, built on top of three existing concrete feet, which serve as a plot, a test kitchen and a bakery.

Noma by BIG

This metropolitan raise layout is one of foreman chef Rene Redzepi’s main goals to move Noma out of the city centre and into a more open space, so that it could raise some of its own products.

Founded in 2003, the restaurant has two Michelin idols and is known for its reinterpretation of the Nordic cuisine, with an attention to food neighbourhood to Scandinavia, as well as foraged and fermented elements.

Noma by BIG

Its original gap was located close to Copenhagen’s aged port and peculiarity greyscale, rustic interiors that Space Copenhagen created in 2012.

Redzepi closed Noma in January 2017 and reopened it in its brand-new locating in February 2018, after a year hiatus.

In July 2017, the old space was renovated by Snohetta with warmer woods to become another diner, Barr.

Photography is by Rasmus Hjortshoj.

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Partners-in-charge: Bjarke Ingels, Finn Norkjaer Assignment managers: Ole Elkjaer-Larsen, Tobias Hjortdal Project chairwoman: Frederik Lyng Collaborators: BIG Ideas, BIG Engineering, NT Consult, Studio David Thulstrup, Thing& Brandt Landskab

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