The Best New Game Trailers of the Week of 12/27/ 21!

00: 00- Blade Assault- Official 1.0 Release Trailer 01:48- Horizon Call of the Mountain- Official Teaser Trailer 03:40- Wreckfest- Official Tournament Update January 2022 Trailer 03:55- Bomb Rush Cyberfunk- Official Movestyle Teaser Trailer 04:33- Nintendo Switch- Official Christina Aguilera and Her Family Make Memories with Switch Trailer 05:54- QuickSpot- Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer 08:41- For Honor- Official Weekly Content Update for January 6, 2022 Trailer 09:19- Monster Hunter Rise- Official PC Launch Trailer( 4K) 11:07- PSVR 2- Official PlayStation Presentation | CES 2022 15:32- Embr- Official Secret Hosr Game Mode Launch Trailer 16:03- LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Aim- Official Release Trailer 16:53- Showa American Story- Exclusive Reveal Trailer 19:49- Rogue Company- Official Meltdown Map Reveal Trailer 20:48- Crystar- Official Nanana Character Spotlight Trailer 21:13- Genshin Impact- Official Shenhe Gameplay Overview Trailer 26:56- Fall Guys x Bugsnax- Official Collaboration Trailer 27:33- Crystar- Official Mirai Character Spotlight Trailer 27:57- Genshin Impact- Official Shenhe Character Demo Trailer 30:43- Smite- Official New Game Mode: Slash Trailer 31:35- Apex Legend- Official Gridiron Trailer( Stories from the Outlands) 40:01- Smite- Official Dharmic Era Conquest Map Update Trailer 40:36- Rainbow Six Extraction- Official Lore Gameplay Trailer 43:40- AFK Arena: A Flame Reborn- Official Talene Cinematic Trailer 47:50- King of Fighters 15- Official Kula Diamond Trailer 49:21- Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC- Official Exclusive Animated Trailer 50:37- The Elder Scrolls Online- Official 2022 Cinematic Teaser Trailer source

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