Benedict Cumberbatch in 'The Power of the Dog'

Benedict Cumberbatch has responded to criticism of Jane Campion’s Oscar-nominated film The Power Of The Dog, calling it “very odd”.

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Cumberbatch was invoking criticism of the film from Sam Elliott, who recently referred to the film as a “piece of shit”.

Speaking as part of BAFTA’s Film Sessions on Friday( March 4 ), Cumberbatch discussed why it’s necessary to portray personas like Phil Burbank, who he plays in the movie, in order to be allowed to to” glance under the hood” of these type of reputations and” appreciate what their struggle is and why that’s there in the first place “.

Going on to reference Elliott’s criticism directly, he computed( via Digital Spy ):” I’m trying very difficult not to say anything about a very odd reaction that happened the other day on a radio podcast over here.

He was also pointed out that he didn’t want to” provoke over the ashes” of the comment, as” I haven’t heard it so it’s unfair for me to comment in detail on it ,” but that” someone really took offence to the West being depicted in this way .”

Sam Elliott The Power Of The DogSam Elliott wasn’t a fan of’ The Power Of The Dog’ Ascribe: Greg Doherty/ Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas/ Alamy/ Netflix

Cumberbatch then went back to his reference in the movie:” These people still exist in our world. Whether it’s on our doorstep or whether it’s down the road or whether it’s someone we gratify in a bar or pub or on the sports field, there is aggression and temper and annoyance and an inability to control or know who you are in that moment that starts damage to that person and, as we know, damage to those around them.

” There’s no mischief in looking at a character to get to the root causes of that. This is a very specific case of repression, but likewise due to an xenophobium for that true-blue identity that Phil is that he can’t fully be .”

He concluded:” The more we seem under the hood of poison masculinity and try to discover the root causes of it, the bigger risks we have of dealing with it when it grows with our children .”

In his comments of the film, Elliott criticised lead Jane Campion’s interpretation of the American west.

Describing her as “a brilliant director” before reaching his object, Elliott said: “What the fuck does this dames from down there[ New Zealand] know about the American west? Why the fuck did she shoot this movie in New Zealand and call it Montana? And say this is the way it was? That fucking chafed me the wrong way .”

The Power Of The Dog follows charismatic rancher Phil Burbank( Cumberbatch ), who afflictions his younger brother George( Jesse Plemons) when George raises home his new spouse Rose Gordon( Kirsten Dunst ).

The film has been nominated for 12 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Cumberbatch. The 94 th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, March 27.

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