A new Avatar: The Last Airbender sequence is coming to the show’s official YouTube page next week. Avatar: The Last Airbender was well-received upon its original run away from 2005 -2 008, as was its sequel show, The Legend of Korra, from 2012 -2 014. However, the original sequence discovered a new wave of notoriety when it came to Netflix last-place summer.

Aside from bibles, there haven’t been any additives to the Avatar franchise since The Legend of Korra ended in 2014. Netflix surprised followers by announcing a live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series was coming soon, but countless were indecisive due to M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender being a critical flop. The prove benefited from having Avatar’s original developers on board; however, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko departed the succession in August 2020 due to creative inconsistencies. While countless lost all faith in Netflix’s Avatar show, Nickelodeon soon after announced Avatar Studios, a fraction dedicated to expanding the franchise with brand-new movies and TV shows.

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There may be few details on what Avatar Studios is developing, but Avatar: The Last-place Airbender‘s YouTube account time announced that a brand-new serial is set to be exhausted to celebrate Earth Day. Very little is known about what the succession will be about, but the page commented on their berth, saying that it was a fan-led series and that more information will be coming on Monday. The account’s original caption can be read below 😛 TAGEND

We’re agitated to announce our upcoming Earth Day Weekend celebration! [?] This 3-day happen will boast earth-shattering original videos, a live creek every day, and a new, original serial exclusively on this canal! It all starts on Earth Day, April 22! Get ready! Toph’s previously on her style!

Despite there being very little known about the brand-new Avatar show, it’s likely to revolve around Earth-Benders, maybe even Toph, since it is being liberated on Earth Day weekend. Many are hopeful that Avatar Studios is developing a movie/ TV show that could act as Avatar: The Last-place Airbender season 4, but this YouTube series is unlikely to be that project. Something on that large of a flake would undoubtly air on Tv because it would get much more attention than a fan-led series.

Even though the new streak is fan-led, that doesn’t mean it won’t be tone presentation. With Avatar: The Last Airbender becoming one of Netflix’s biggest surprise ten-strikes over the Summer, there has been a big desire for more material from the dealership. Avatar: The Last Airbender’s fanbase is known to be incredibly passionate, so there is no doubt that heart and care will have been put into the series. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer to actually witnes the finished product.

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