In an open letter to Facebook’s leadership announced earlier today, the advocates general from twenty districts announced on the corporation is do more to fight intimidation, discrimination, disinformation, provocation and dislike addres on the platform.

” Although Facebook has made some progress in counteracting the use of its scaffold to dehumanize and demean, this is only the opening up of what is necessary ,” the attorneys general wrote.” Private defendants, coordinated groups, and public officials continue to use Facebook to spread misinformation and project letters of hate against different groups of Americans. In many cases, these contents lead to intimidation and hassle of special individuals online .”

Roughly 40 percentage of Americans have known online hassle, according to study by the Anti-Defamation League and around 70 percent of those reporting molestation said it came on Facebook or its affiliated stages, according to the report.

So the attorneys general asked Facebook to take more steps to protect users and provide redress for those platform participants who are victims of coercion and harassment.

Their letter attaches a chorus of consternation that has arisen to chastise the stage and its chief executive for doing too little, too late to stanch the hate communication and misinformation that has come to define the platform’s experience for many users.

Over the summer, some of the biggest symbols in the US attracted marketing from social media stages in response to a campaign from civil rights organizations.

That boycott includes massive mainstream labels including Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Ford and Verizon. Other symbols on board include Adidas, Ben& Jerry’s, Reebok, REI, Patagonia and Vans.

While some of the companies may have ulterior motives for attracting marketing, pressing has been growing on the company to go more act against the provocateurs on its platform.

In the face of all this review, Zuckerberg has been steadfast in his refusal to budge( even as his reasoning being increasingly tortured ).

Watch Sacha Baron Cohen skewer Zuckerberg’s’ twisted reasoning’ on hate addres and fakes

The advocates general agree with these other appraisals. “[ The] steps you have taken thus far have descended short ,” the attorneys wrote.” With the vast riches at your disposal, we believe there is much mroe that you can do to prevent the use of Facebook as a vehicle for misinformation and discrimination, and to prevent your users from being victimized by harassment and coercion on your scaffolds .”

The leaders of the law arms of state governments from California to the District of Columbia made the company to task and announced on its leadership to follow the steps highlighted in its Civil Rights Audit to strengthen its commitment to civil and defend disinformation.

Facebook also may be beginning to listen to its pundits. Earlier this evening the company took down a berth from President Donald Trump that included misinformation about the COVID-1 9 epidemic.

Facebook merely made down a Trump post that claimed girls are immune to COVID-1 9

It’s a decision that could signal a new tack for Facebook, which has taken incremental stairs to distance itself from the perception that the company purposely turns a blind attention to the president’s potentially harmful behavior.

“This video includes incorrect claims that groupings of people is immune from COVID-1 9 which is a violation of our policies around injurious COVID misinformation, ” Facebook’s Liz Bourgeois said in a statement provided to TechCrunch.

Facebook also had a response for the lawyers general. In a statement issued to NBC News , Facebook spokesman Daniel Roberts said that abhor speech was working to ensure parties feel safe on the internet.

“Hate speech is an issue across the internet and we are working to impel Facebook as safe as is practicable by investing billions to keep hate off our platform and engage misinformation, ” Roberts told the network in a statement.

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