When it comes to zombies, most attributes do not prepare careful decisions. Since zombies aren’t smart and are rarely fast, the only way for provoking war and theatre to happen is when good parties represent bad options. That tell me anything, when the lead characters do do smart-alecky decisions it can be a lot of fun.

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On All of Us Are Dead, the South Korean zombie streak on Netflix, the high school students are trying hard to decide what will give them the best chances of survival when they are battling the accumulations of zombies or fighting against other clans and bullies. So when anyone makes a brilliant choice and they actually make it work, everybody praises. But which decisions excited the love “the worlds largest”? It might be a tough decision, but there are quite a few character selects that were more memorable than others?

In the earliest episodes, a small group of high schoolers gleans together to survive( though they don’t all concur much ). One especially greedy whiner, Lee Na-yeon, seems to impede the group and provokes proofs. After infecting a fellow student, Na-yeon leaves the group and allows Ms. Park( one of their most amiable teaches on All Of Us Are Dead) to be bitten in order to be allowed to to save herself.

Her solution for existence isn’t for everyone but for somebody who doesn’t get along with others and is only looking for herself. She stays placid and slips into a furnish wardrobe that happens to contain snacks and drinks. Although not the best long-term solution, her selfishness impeded her alive for quite some time.

In one of the more memorable strings of the indicate, numerous love were seriously astonished by how the students managed to navigate themselves around the zombies during the rain and thunder.

Since the zombies were amused by the clangs of the cyclone, the children come up with an resourceful plan to escape by going around them so they can reach the mountains. The is going through the gale also allows the kids to connect with the archers and lets Ha-ri show off her major archery sciences( saving a lot of other students slipping in the silt and rainfall ). It might have been something they thoughts up promptly, but it was effective nonetheless.

In the second episode, the entire group of teenages moves carefully down one floor( from the science lab to the broadcasting room ). They magnitude the exterior of the high school by lowering a shoot hose with knotted footholds out the window past a storey full of infected.

Of course, Na-yeon involves she going in, virtually thumping another student off the hose but the others have to hold her back. However, the mean does end up coming in with some remunerations as they detect Ms. Parkis still alive in the broadcasting classroom. She proves to be a great asset to the children as she facilitates them got to get some of their petty defends and focus on staying alive( so if the kids didn’t execute this plan, who knows where they would have ended up)

Drones are not used once but twice in the serial. The first time, the high schoolers realize that there is a drone in the science lab that they can use to scout out other apartments to see if they’re safe before they move. The second meter, in the season finale, the military forces flies drones through Hyosan playing a hubbub that lure the zombies.

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Both are a brilliant use of technology to help outwit the infected. Though the kids don’t realize more that noise captivates these hikers, it’s a great way for them to avoid getting madly attacked. The military dronings lure the undead toward specific areas where they’re bombed, accepting soldiers to lastly rescue the last survivors.

In the music room( where Na-yeon disguises in the wardrobe ), the children decide to make a wall out of furniture. One of the bravest things Yang Dae-su did was stand up the furniture wall until the very last minute so everyone else could escape. Fortunately, he made it out really in time and they escape the music office to make it to the roof.

For numerous supporters, this was a well-executed plan since it bought them one of the most precious things – time. Although the zombies are fastest and most can climb that wall, the facts of the case that the teens constructed it quite towering was quite clever as they knew that it would be a challenge for the zombies to get over. The wall also allowed the teenages to be considered what happened next.

Police Officer Song Jae-il seems braver and smarter than most – especially is comparable to his willing assistant, Jeon Ho-chul, who really only seems to weigh him down. Jae-il seems particular to survive this apocalypse, unlike the teenages.

It’s a moment of succour when Jae-il manages to make it out alive with the little girl they found. Although it was not the most ideal plan, fans thought it was quite clever that “theyre using” the chicken shop scooter to help them flee since they were aware they wouldn’t be able to flee the zombies’ superhuman abilities. It was just a perfect example of how beings use the objects in their borders to their benefit.

The archery team is returning from a tournament at the beginning of the series. They haven’t done well and are reprimanded by the coach. Once they get back to the high school campus and realize what’s happening, the archers get down to business and they’re not messing around.

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Only two of the team seem to have subsisted including Su-hyeok’s sister, Ha-ri. The archers don’t time have one enormous escape–their endowments are impressive–but very they are methodic, efficient, and precise with their every move. They were definitely some of “the worlds largest” assets in the series.

In episode four, Nam So-ju, On-jo’s dad and the Captain of the Hyosan Fire Station Rescue team, ends up protecting an important politician and her staff. A helicopter is supposed to pick them up on the ceiling of its construction and, as everyone hastens up flights of stairs, So-ju does when he must to delay the zombies.

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The captain is one of the bravest reputations on All Of Us Is Dead and adeptly abuses a fire hose’s strong irrigate pressing to knock the move dead back down the stairs. This also keeps the infected at a sufficient distance–until the liquid runs out and So-ju is forced to use the actual hose and nozzle to beat the zombies back. It’s a great plan as it allows the other survivors to have more time to escape and think about what happens next.

If there is one thing that these teens are good at, it’s taking advantage of every single object around them as a artillery. They grab brooms, swabs, scoops, and even computers–literally anything they can get their hands on. So when they end up stuck in the gymnasium equipment locker, they have to get very creative.

First, they all put on elbow and knee pads to protect against pierces. They obligate baseball mitts into shoulder pads. They use aluminum at-bats for weapons and lash together rotated missile boxes to create a circle to keep the zombies at a distance, then slowly roll it into the gym. It doesn’t travel quite as smoothly as they had hoped but it gets them out and finally to safety.

Once one of the fan’s favorite lead characters is burnt, Lee Cheong-san knows that he needs to help his friends and his first love escape before he turns. Rather than wallowing in self-pity or crying about his own impending fatality, Cheong-san instantly contrives the proposal that will save his entire crew.

As they’ve discussed before, if one person concludes fairly noise and leaders towards the roof, then the others can raise to the basement and escape the military’s impending missiles to irradicate the zombies. So, Cheong-san goes–he makes as much noise as he can and hastens to the roof admitting the others to survive. It was one of the most selfless and benevolent achievements the onlookers had ever seen.

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