Fede Alvarez has been greenlit to aim Alien 5 and, even with little information liberated so far, it sounds like there’s a lot to be excited about. Ridley Scott placed the original Alien in 1979 which has since become a sci-fi horror classic, spawning a galaxy of movies , romances, comics, and games. Scott’s vision for the dealership, however, lists more towards exploring neural networks, altering the focus away from the fearsome xenomorph beings themselves. With his new Alien movie, Alvarez supposedly intends to bring the Alien saga back to its roots, with a self-contained story all about the horrifying extraterrestrial demons themselves.

Ridley Scott has had a rough history with the Alien franchise, since directing the original movie. He commended James Cameron for Aliens, despite it being a very different movie to the one which Scott had just wanted to make. Subsequently, Scott has mentioned that he was disappointed by Alien 3 and hasn’t publicly said a word about Alien Resurrection. Scott had once planned to make an Alien 5 movie together with Cameron but, distributed according to rumors, the two were so displeased by Alien vs Predator that they both lost all enthusiasm for the project. Scott’s most recent projects into the Alien franchise were the two prequel movies, Prometheus and Alien Covenant, both of which garnered a mixed reception and obliged it moderately clear that the immigrants themselves are not central to Scott’s vision for the Alien franchise and its future.

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Following his success in the cruelty genre, with the suspenseful Don’t Breathe and a 2013 reboot of Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez is an excellent choice to deliver the kind of edge-of-your-seat sci-fi horror which constituted the original Alien such a resound success. Being disconnected from any of the movies which came before, Alien 5 will have the freedom to tell a brand-new floor with new reputations without needing to worry about the continuity of the xenomorph mythos or connecting with other Alien movies. While the specifics about Alvarez’s purposed story are still well-kept confidentials, exactly the assertion alone is enough to stir excitement about what this film may hatch into.

Alvarez himself is a big fan of the Alien movies, which is the main reason he wanted to direct one himself. The happening that his wish has been granted bodes extremely well for how his movie may turn out- movies made by people who love the original root information are routinely some of the most wonderful, with their resentment clearly testifying through in the final product. Alvarez apparently pitched his movie hypothesi to Scott years ago. As it happens, his programme was so good that 20 th Century Studios apparently agreed to give Alvarez the reboot movie based solely on the strength of his degree, with its compelling story and interesting cast of characters.

In 2022, the film industry is full of big-budget blockbusters and expanded universes that often try too hard to be what everyone wants. As a solution, while they may be liked by many, they’re often adored by no one. Alvarez’s movie is intended to break this trend, opting instead to allow the narration to find its own identity. Taking the narrative back to its roots with a horror-thriller centered around the terrifying xenomorph creature is the perfect choice for Alien 5, and exactly the kind of thing countless fans of the Alien franchise have been hungry for.

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