Britain is famously known as a arrive of forms and hospitality. Few places could make an Englishman’s stiff upper lip quiver, short of running out of tea crates while entertaining house clients. Thankfully,[ The Gentleman Maker] is here and living up to his refer- with a supportive tea monitor to ensure you’re never caught out again .

The Intelli-T, as it has been dubbed, monitors tea stock-take by value. An Arduino Uno combined with a HX711 IC monitors a loading cadre attached under a canister, with a reed switch on the eyelid. Upon the canister being open and closed, the Arduino takes a measurement, determining whether tea stocks have dipped below critical elevations. If developments in the situation is ominous, a Raspberry Pi connected over the serial port will clang an urgent advice to the tenants of the home. If there is adequate tea, the Raspberry Pi will instead provide a helpful tea fact to further develop the subscribers about the holy beverage.

It’s a amusing projection, and one that has scope for further boasts, given the supremacy of the Raspberry Pi. A little more work could format automatic prescribe of more tea online, or send alerts through a service like IFTTT. We’ve seen[ The Gentleman Maker ]’ s uniquely British spoofs before, such as the umbrella that tells you the forecast. Video after the break.

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