If you’re appearing through your Facebook feed, what’s one of the first things that might actually get you to stop scrolling?

For numerous parties, the answer to that question is “video.” Auto-playing video- even without sound-– pretty much requests scrutiny long enough that it gets useds committed and wanting to watch. That initial they are able to get a user to stop scrolling is important, and video ads have it in spades.

A lot of firebrands, however, still strives when it comes to running Facebook video ads. They aren’t sure this is right to get started, are coerced by video start-up, or don’t envision they have the budget for it. In actuality, creating a high-performing video doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you have the right messaging and approach to start with.

If you’re ego a little intimidated or a bit fasten( or a little both ), check out these six stupendous Facebook Ad examples for some brainchild. Specimen on our directory comes in here everything from small businesses to big the companies and include both B2B and B2C industries.

1. AT& T Business

This video ad screams storytelling, even from the still image before you reach frisk. There’s dark lighting, specifying the colour before you start watching, and tense music. The short-lived ad instantly takes you through one man’s modulation from homeless to a business proprietor, and it does so simply. The letter is simple: be agile, and nothing can stop you.

Though this video doesn’t stimulate AT& T’s commodities directly, this is a good expedition to get people to stop and watch, establishing it an excellent beginning-of-the-funnel ad. It features an “agility challenge” that can engage potential customers without persuading for them for the sale, starting a relationship on the right foot.

2. Camtasia

Content commerce all works on a simple and unbelievably successful proposition. We require content that our books will find helpful in order to be allowed to build a relationship with them, and eventually demo the value of our commodity or service at the same time.

Camtasia’s video ad above does exactly this. It shows people how they are in a position revise dark-green screen videos with their software, demystifying something that they are able to harass countless beings. This is something their target audience would absolutely be interested in, making it a fantastic select. They make it gape easy, and by using their software, they demonstrate significance, too.

If you’re opting for a technological seminar like this, this is one example to seeing how you could go a bit longer on video content and still get results.

3. SkinnyMint

Newfound light-green screen learning or not, many brands don’t necessarily have the time, fund, or resources to shoot jaw-droppingly high-quality video material. That’s ok.

SkinnyMint’s video ad above is the excellent illustration of how you can take photos that you already have and repurpose them into a video ad that are able to do well. They use a simple checklist feature in order to turn a few still images into a sense of need, reminding maidens that bikini season is coming up and that it’s is now time to get ready.( Trust me when I say that this is something that countless maidens will feel plenty of necessity about ).

Fortunately, this kind of compilation is extremely easy to manufacture with the right tools. Shakr’s video templates let you include in your own photos and video excerpts, customize the verse, and then have an ad in five minutes or less.

This type of ad would work well as a retargeting campaign, trying to reach useds who were already familiar with the brand and how it labours but who precisely involve a nudge( “it’s bikini season! ” to actually convert.

4. Privacy Pop

This is one of those goofy produces that you investigate and think “but why on soil would you need that? ” The busines likely knows this, because it immediately seeks to answer the question.

Through video, they evidence the make being set up and in use, going over different use cases. “Private oasis” may be a bit of a elongate, but “great for learning, ” “reduces outside illuminated for better sleep, ” and “keeps faults out” are all valid points that could have people a little more interested.

With an original produce that parties won’t is well aware of, showing video material of it in use is one of the best happenings you can do to really excuse and showcase the concoction properly.

5. Holly Lane Christian Jewelry

This is another ad that implements storytelling and also truly focuses on pleading to a very specific audience.

A lot of symbols worry that niching down in any way will restraint their audience and therefore possible sales. And realistically, it will. Anyone who doesn’t follow Christianity will immediately accompany the ad and think “eh, perhaps it’s not for me.” But the individuals who do may be more drawn to the company immediately, imparting it an edge. This ad doesn’t shy away from that niche and instead espouses it and really foregrounds it. And if you’re going to niche down in any way, this is exactly what you should do. It will help you connect to your public more.

Whether you’re niching down or not, this ad is still an excellent example of the capability of your brand’s narrative and telling it well. Everyone comes into business with a storey, after all, and very little of those narrations are “I had a trust fund and this was easy and I don’t know it seemed like fun.” Tell your narrative and let it work for you because it’s a powerful resource that you should use to your advantage.

6. The Grommet

Want to sell your produce or service as a gift? This is a good example of how to do it by focusing more on the feelings aspect of Father’s day and endowment giving instead of consequently the talent itself. For people go looking for last-minute doctrines, it’s pretty much to ensure get a click.

Gift-giving is more often much more feelings than it is practical, even if you’re buying a practical endow. When my dad bought me a tire spout for my automobile for Christmas, for example, it was practical in some manner, but it was also an feelings talent because it was his method of still taking care of me.

This is going to be true for pretty much all gifts. Focus on the passion behind them, and get a little maudlin or sappy if appropriate. Remember, a tire gush was a sugary and touching offering so you can sell anything if you rotate it the right away.


These Facebook video ad examples all feature different programmes, stylistic approachings, and even objectives. Together, they demonstrate how same excellent practices can be interpreted in a number of ways to create artistic, involving video ads that will help your firebrand stand out.

They serve as a strong remember that you don’t certainly need insanely expensive special effects or break-the-bank explainer videos to get the job done, as long as the videos utilize storytelling and demo appraise however they see it.

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