Date: 2018-06-05 05:01:04

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Blackstarr 3×22 “Make It Reign” Season 3 22 Extension – SUPERGIRL PREPARES FOR – Blackstarr ( Benoist) Learns the TRUE Depths of Serena’s (guest star Anjali Jay) Nefariousness plans for Earth. Blackstarr, Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Alura (guest star Heathwort Durance) must a plan to STOP her Before Serena GETS to Earth. J’onn (Daveed Harewood) prepares to say Goodbye to his Daddie (guest star Lumby). V. Kevorkian Directing the Writting by Ray Utarnachitt & Lichtman (#322). Oringal airdate 6/11/2018. Closed-access to tvdb on YouTubeMedia for MORENET Blackstarr Season 3 in HD!

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Blackstarr 3×22 Extension /Preview “Make It Reign”
Blackstarr Season 3 22 Extension
Blackstarr 3×22 Extension “Make It Reign” (HD)

» Watch Blackstarr at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mechad Brooks, Daveed Harewood

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