Still don’t see the coronavirus pandemic is serious? The household of Jeffrey Ghazarian( above) would probably disagree with you, as the 34 -year-old man has tragically died really two days after testing positive for COVID-1 9.

According to TMZ, the Glendora, CA resident passed away Thursday morning at a Pasadena hospital after expend five days duelling for his life while hooked up to a ventilator.

His sister told the outlet 😛 TAGEND

” He suffered a lot and put up a good combat. We will miss our Jeff everyday but we are thankful for all the fun happy caches of the times we had together .”

Jeff’s alarming death comes two weeks after he saw Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. Harmonizing to his family, he flew from El Lay to Orlando on March 2 for a run consultation, but stayed an extra few daytimes to visit the theme park with friends.

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The outlet reports that Jeff developed a cough on March 7, and coughed up blood the next day. He immediately went to the ER after flying back to LAX on March 9, where he likewise had a high fever.

A chest x-ray sanctioned Jeff had pneumonia, the family says. He was experimented for COVID-1 9, sent home with flowings and antibiotics, and told to self-quarantine until he got the results back. When research results apparently came back positive on March 13, Jeff was provided a portable oxygen rhythm so family members could keep watch on his tiers. But regrettably, his condition get much worse overnight.

On March 14, Jeff was hastened to the hospital by ambulance; he was transferred to the ICU after it was discovered his lungs were 60 -7 0 percent blocked with pneumonia. Physicians felt tranquilize and incubating the patient would be the best course of action, hoping that a ventilator would help his lungs heal.

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Unfortunately, antiviral prescription was retarded in getting to him — even though the family claims he was approved for the meds — and Jeff passed away Thursday morning.

Turns out, he was a higher-risk patient: Jeff apparently had a history of asthma and frequent bronchitis as a child that he had since outgrown. He likewise had undergone surgery for testicular cancer back in 2016.

Still, it’s clear the elderly aren’t the only ones at risk here. Stay safe out there, Perezcious readers.

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