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Welcome back horror hounds! It’s week four of our 31 day streaming Halloween movie orgy. This week we’re throwing it back with seven classic movies from the ‘6 0s, ‘7 0s, ‘8 0s, and ‘9 0s; each more scaring than the last. You’ll find zombies with a word, a Halloween party from inferno, and a lost classic slapstick waiting down the corridor. So pop some corn and pour yourself some orange soda. It’s time to watch some cruelty.

31 daylights of streaming Halloween movies: Week 4

Oct 22: Light of the Wizards( 1988)

The best Halloween movies are rarely actually about Halloween, but Night of the Wizards is a flesh melting objection. On Halloween night in 1988, groupings of teens sound an vacated funeral parlor to get drunk, have intercourse, and cause some inferno. The questions arise when they foster actual blaze, unleashing a devilish force hungry for the minds of some horny teens. Night of the Demons is a special effects-laden extravaganza, boasting some of the most creative gore in the ‘8 0s canon. With a lightning-fast pace, inventive designing, and crowd-pleasing titters Night of the Villains is a Halloween party anyone can experience.

streaming halloween - night of the demons


Oct 23: Waxwork( 1988)

Waxwork is the sort of film that establish its part honour via word of mouth back in the days before the internet. A group of kids decide to go visit the new wax museum in city, exclusively to discover each exhibit is a portal to a life of ogres. Shot like a Twin Peaks episode about inter-dimensional horror, Waxwork deserves to be discovered by a new generation. Make room for this classic in your streaming Halloween movie marathon. Loving became, brilliantly staged, and dripping with as much creativity as blood, Waxwork is the definition of “cult horror.” It’s too perfect for last minute Halloween costume ideas.

streaming halloween - waxwork


Oct 24: Night of the Living Dead( 1968)

Few movies are as scary today as when they were secreted, but George Romero’s classic zombie narrative isn’t just any movie. Made for pocket deepen during a era of racial and social upheaval, the movie’s messages hold out heartbreakingly well over 50 several years later. The proposition is simple: a sudden unexplainable mutiny of violence by the recently deceased. Buried under the black and white gore is an examination of the crackings in America that keep us fighting each other even when death is outside our doorway. Truly terrifying, hitherto singularly reflective, Night of the Living Dead is one of the best American cinemas ever stimulated.

night of the living dead


Oct 25: Deadtime Stories( 1986)

The ‘8 0s were a magical go for practical effects, with marionettes and stop motion monstrosities generating chaos for unsuspecting teens everywhere. Deadtime Stories is a consider for makeup haunted horror hounds in this three story spine-tingling anthology that pits fairy tales for spooky thrills. Killer voodoos, Red Riding Hood, and “Goldie Locks” all come out to play, but the enjoyable starts from the first frame with its deliciously campy designation string. This is low budget ‘8 0s fright at its most fun.

deadtime stories


Oct 26. Ganja& Hess( 1973)

Halloween is a time for scares, but it’s likewise a great time to catch up on important segments of cruelty record. In 1972 playwright Bill Gunn was approached to make a “Black vampire movie.” Having no are looking forward to manufacture that cinema, “hes taking” the $350,000 budget and prepared Ganja& Hess. Using vampirism as a release metaphor for craving and the struggle of Black assimilation into lily-white culture, Gunn crafted an memorable fable of the beyond. Go in blind, deter an open intellect, and thank the heavens Shudder brooks important films like this.

ganja and hess


Oct 27. Stay Tuned( 1992)

It may be hypocritical to recommend a movie about TV addiction while telling you to watch 31 movies. Of trend Stay Tuned isn’t time any movie. Starring the legendary John Ritter, this unsung 1992 blacknes slapstick follows a husband and wife who get dragged into a cable container from blaze after making a deal with the monster. Binge watchers who’ve never had a cable carton might be surprised by just how much they’ll relate to this film. Darkly funny and featuring the last original animation by the legend Chuck Jones, Stay Tuned is the only PG cinema that determines gumption on this list.

stay tuned


Oct 28: Dead and Buried( 1981)

Going into any movie with too much information can be a bummer. Doing it with Dead and Buried could ruin the film. Trust us and go in knowing as little as is practicable. Tourists are being assassinated in a small fishing town and the local sheriff sets out to learn why. Divulging any more would spoil the recreation. Gore legend Stan Winston provided the skin slithering kills, but the fairytale aura director Gary Sherman accompanies is the real star. A major ‘9 0s fright movie embezzle its slant. Character of the enjoyable is realizing when you can figure out which one it is. This is the sleeper addition to any streaming Halloween movie marathon.

streaming halloween - dead and buried


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