We hope your family has lots to be thankful for this November, and that expend time together is one of them. If you’re looking for things to do as their own families this month, we’ve got 30 works( that’s one for each day) with a late tumble vibe we think you’ll love.

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1. Don’t toss that pumpkin just yet! Here are 22 other things you can do with it after Halloween .

2. Do you know what day Fred and George were born on? Or which home J.K Rowling was sorted into? Challenge your Potterheads to a round of parents vs. boys trivia.

3. Give your girls a confidence boost before bedtime.

4. Break out the artwork plies and try Ziplock finger depict or double-sided tape art alongside your budding artists.

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5. November 15 is America Recycles Day. Incorporate brand-new sustainable rehearsals into your everyday with gratuities and suggestions every family should know.

6. Now’s the time to book passage on your favorite anniversary develop ride. Hop aboard ASAP before air tickets are get!

7. Teach the children how to walk on eggs or make milk glow.

8. Learn about Indigenous people who are guiding the road, like Neely Snyder and Joy Harjo.

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9. Speaking of Joy Harjo, add these kids’ works by Native american authors to your must-read list.

10. World Kindness day is November 13, but you can commit random acts of kindness all month long with the minors if you want.

11. Planning a family ski trip this wintertime? Read this first .

12. Slime science is always a stumble and these easy-to-make modifications will impede everyone in your fam occupied for at least an afternoon.

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13. Celebrate Dia de Muertos with a funky skeleton project even the littlest kiddo can handle.

14. Find a style to thank a veteran on November 11.

15. No matter what size Thanksgiving celebration you’re planning this year, putting out games and activity sheets for the adolescents means you can get the turkey to the table on time…maybe.

16. Put these roar-ingly fun dino movies on your family movie night list.

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17. Wondering what to do with all those Amazon chests that tend to clutter up the recycling bin this time of year? Transform them into cardboard spaceships your little cosmonauts can fly around the living room.

18. Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a crazy fuzz date at home . Or better more, bookmark this for Crazy Hair Day at school, because you know it’s coming.

19. Make your own bubble mixture for hours of outdoor entertaining on a sunny fall day.

20. Add extra veggies to your Thanksgiving feast with recipes your adolescents will love.

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21. Spend the night in a treehouse. Trust us, it’s entirely surpasses!

22. Cure cabin fever blue-bloodeds with a round of Animal Antics, Mirror Mirror or the always-popular Musical Chairs.

23. Fall is the prefect time to take the teenagers stargazing in the backyard.

24. From a DIY mailbox to a rad rhino workmanship, these activities won’t flout the bank, but they will keep your kiddos entertained.

25. Beach trip in the middle of fall? Depending on where you live, this might just be the excellent time to visit.

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26. Three terms: Pirate. Treasure. Hunt .

27. Cozy up around the fireplace to play board game. Game night is always a champion!

28. It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! The perfect time to start a brand-new genealogy lore that’ll get your weekend honcho in the right direction.

29. Spend time in the kitchen cooking together and trying brand-new menus. We’re crushing hard-handed on these Persian recipes that even girls will love.

30. Add becoming a Citizen Scientist to your weekend fighter to-do list.

–Allison Sutcliffe& Gabby Cullen

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