“The power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the strength of the Force.”

When Darth Vader said this now iconic path , not a whole lot was known about the mythological essence that ties the Star Wars universe together. They were still hauntingly chilling then and even more so formerly fans learned more about what Jedi Knights and Sith Lords were able to accomplish when they channeled the Force.

There actually wasn’t a lot of Jedi action in the original trilogy. In the sixteen years between Return Of The Jedi and The Phantom Menace, different forms of Jedi were introduced both on the Light Side and the Dark. Children of Han and Leia; clones of Luke Skywalker; and all kinds of non-related Skywalker Jedi were introduced. Certainly, that crowd has only increased with the prequels and sequels, and all kinds of side narratives and video games.

Since Disney bought the whole franchise, they’ve split all of the Star Wars universe into two columns- Canon and Legends. Canon are the cinemas, along with the Rebels and Clone Wars legends, and anything released after Lucasfilm was bought. Anything else, like the beloved Dark Horse Comics or Thrawn storylines, for example, are now considered Legends. No was important that the storyline, the Jedi have done some incredible achievements over its first year. Now are 25 Crazy Superpowers Jedi’s Have( But Won’t Use ).

25 Yoda Heads To The Dark Side

Anakin Skywalker wasn’t the only Jedi to fall to the Dark Side. He was just the one who did it so famously. There were slew of others. His precede, Darth Tyrannus, aka Count Dooku, was once an esteemed Jedi Knight. He even studied Qui-Gon Jinn.

Even Yoda has exerted such dominances on several occasions. While facing off against Dooku, the Sith Lord marveled at how much Yoda looked like Darth Sidious. On another, he literally pushed a manifestation of himself had he turned to the Dark Side. All merely to find what the fuss was about.

2 4 Alter Environments

Obi-Wan and Vader have one of “the worlds largest” epic lightsaber struggles in Star Wars autobiography. They fought to a impasse on the lava planet of Mustafar until Obi-Wan had the high ground. For all their fortitude and skills, somehow neither of them thought it would a good project to ice over the lava and engage on safer field?

Some Jedi over the years have been able to not only control the elements around them on a planet but adjust them as well. Master Plo Koon, for example, had been known to create strong cyclones and use his knowledge of the terrain to change it.

2 3 Take Down Ships

While no longer canon, the video game sequence The Force Unleashed told a pretty cool narration of Vader’s apprentice, Starkiller. He was tasked with taking out whatever Jedi survived Order 66. In the first recreation, the Dark apprentice makes out a Star Destroyer with the Force.

A. Star. Destroyer. Ripped from the sky! There are Jedi flinging around silly clash droids for funsies and this guy is using his influence to take down massive gap vessels. It might perhaps be, nay, would then be, really cool to see this strength in the movies.

2 2 Force Fear

If fear leads to anger and wrath leads to dislike and so forth on the path to the Dark Side, then why don’t we investigate a lot more Sith Lords utilize fear to their advantage? Or even the Jedi? In the years before the Skywalker saga, Sith monarches would use either Force Fear, Horror, or Insanity to give mistrusts into their rivals and drive them insane.

Even Luke had this capability in the books. He once worked it on Coruscant on a multitude of swine to protect himself and his friends.

2 1 Force Travel

There are abilities and powers that the Force admit the Sith and Jedi to do some staggering things. For every Force Push or Jedi Mind Trick, there are ridiculously potent undertakings of backbone and shows of influence. But seldom few have been used and then the two sides of the Force have decided it’s perhaps not a good theme to rip through the Galaxy exactly to pull off a manoeuvre or two.

One such ability was Force Travel. A user would be able to lash through seat from quality A to item B. To perform such a move though infects the galaxy by violating the normal rules of discipline( at the least for Star Wars ), and immediately pushed a Jedi to the Dark Side.

2 0 Midi-Chlorian Manipulation

The Revenge Of The Sith is the best of the prequels. Principally because it’s Ian McDiarmid’s show. Watching the gradual divulge of him perfectly becoming the Emperor is crazy to watch. His story he tells Anakin at the Opera House about Darth Plagueis has shut Vader’s fate before he even realized it.

Plagueis was able to utilize the Midi-Chlorians that bind the Force to not just prolong and continue life but establish it as well. Thanks to this, Anakin was born from the sheer will of the Force.

1 9 Combustion

In The Last Jedi, we assured a Force Ghost induce a tree to catch fire. If an shadow haunting Luke can do it – then why didn’t picture a lot of fierier Jedi-Sith struggles in all regions of the prequels? The Jedi Yarael Poof was able to draw this off, although

Throughout the Legends, abundance of Jedi and Sith have been able to clear objects and sometimes beings explode through combustion or Flamusfracta. Perhaps the side of the Force didn’t use it in the movies because then they’d both be too busy struggle ardors instead of each other.

1 8 Vader Has Force Lighting

Before all of the Expanded Universe absolutely began with Timothy Zahn’s Heir To The Empire, fans had to settle for the fiction that took place between Episodes IV and V, Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye.

The book has Luke and Leia in search of the Kalibur Crystal. But they too have to face off with a Vader who knows a thing or two about Force Lightning. Since expending Lightning would short-change out the Dark Lord’s suit, he instead uses the same Kinetite. He wasn’t the only one, either. Master Shaak Ti has been known to use the ability as well.

1 7 Force Destruction

If only these esoteric boxers had Tony Stark’s engineering skill. Then they’d be able to create gargantuan concussive bangs ala Iron Man without exerting themselves too much. Several Force practitioners over the years has managed to channel a tremendous quantity of energy into a damaging force- Force Destruction.

Several Sith and Dark Jedi have utilized this concussive blare but Darth Vader himself is actually the most famous user. He pulled off this knowledge as part of his move set in the video game, Soul Caliber IV. But he also exploits it to ravage Galen Marek in The Force Unleashed.

1 6 Force Clones

Most fans know full well that Star Wars science is about as mumbo-jumbo as the Force itself. Don’t go looking for deep technical discovery in the seat chronicle. That’s what Star Trek is for. In the physics of Star Wars, if the Force is everywhere, then it was able even be sounded into by soulless clones.

Luke fought one of these, a clone made from the fragments of his severed mitt- Luke Skywalker. The two dueled during The Last Command, where the clone was revealed to be Joruus C’baoth.

1 5 Fast Teleport

Force Travel wasn’t the only lane to totally unravel the Living Force. There was actually an part alien scoot called the Aing-Tii. They were a group of Force Sensitive monks who lived near the Kathol Rift. Jacen Solo, the Legends’ analog to Kylo Ren, had studied with these monks for some time.

But it would be Luke and his son, Ben, who would study from them, and not only is understood what generated Jacen’s fall from grace; but too, how to “Fold Space.” If anyone who has ever heard a real scientist describe the theory of “Folding Space, ” then you’d know it’s a nice safe action to Time Travel.

1 4 Shatterpoint And Known Weaknesses

If the Force didn’t inspire a kind of sixth sense in feelings users as it is, there was even an ability to see the shortcomings in an adversary or an event. Various Jedi and Sith have utilized Shatterpoint throughout the Legends storylines.

The phenomenon admitted hypersensitive Force consumers, such as Mace Windu and future Skywalker prodigy, Cade were able to use the ability to detect helplessness in their resists. Mace even ensure that he’d be able to end the Trade Federation War if he took out Count Dooku. But “hes been” unable to take out his old friend.

1 3 Electric Judgement

In Myth and in Canon, there have been several Sith Lords like Tyrannus, Plageuis, and Palpatine himself utilizing the damaging strength of Force Lightning. Like countless Dark Side and Light Side abilities, Force Lighting more has its Light Side equivalent- Electric Judgement.

The ability, Sith users believed to be a weaker account of their Lighting and it’s even frowned upon by the Jedi. But some have been able to use Electric Judgement, like Luke, who used it to save his family during the course of its Dark Nest Trilogy, the narrative where Luke swears himself Grand Master Of The Jedi.

1 2 Blasting Sight

As the old saying runs, “if gazes could[ terminate ]. ” Not simply is there an app for that, but there’s also a Force clevernes for that. Not quite as strong as Darkseid’s Omega Beams or Cyclops’ Optic Blast, Sith and Dark Jedi can use the Force for Blasting Sight.

It was used by the Dark Jedi Sariss during the proceedings of the video game, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The Dark Side clevernes was likewise part of the age-old Star Wars card game. The downside is that it is an irresistible ability that they are able to burn friend or foe alive.

1 1 Foliage Mastery

If you don’t envision insuring plant life is a strong dominance to have, then you know nothing about seeds. That and/ or you haven’t gratified Poison Ivy. But various Jedi have been able to help accompany life to foliage throughout the galaxy. You, as a participate had to contend with this Jedi ability when Marek campaigned Shaak-Ti in The Force Unleashed.

In the game, Shaak-Ti doesn’t time use foliage to her advantage, but she can use the tentacles of a nearby Sarlaac to try and stop Marek.

1 0 Thought Bombs

Many of the capabilities needed of the Force on either side have to do with what your thoughts can conjure up with the wishes of the Force. Some crazy Force user decided to make an explosive with his subconsciou. “It’s an old Sith skill, the Force can be mentally bind into a determine primed for outburst, ” Lord Kopecz once has said.

When several Sith get together to centre their exertions fairly, the blast can wipe out any and all Force-sensitive beings within the blast radius. Or perhaps worse, leave them in mental pain and anguish for the rest of their days.

9 Intense Rage

Throughout the 13 movies that have already been exhausted and endless TV evidences, works, activities, and etc that have come out over its first year Star Wars devotees are a steadfast, if not controversial knot. Even when a moment like Vader exclaiming “noooooo” like the Frankenstein Monster unites us in vitriol, someone just has to explain it as a Force moment.

Force Rage is a traditional Dark Side influence, where the subscribers sounds into irresistible mood to access raw dominance beyond belief. If a Jedi were to tap into this power, even if they were in the right to use it- they could lose their connection to the Light Side forever.

8 Chagrin Harm

In the novel Lando Calrissian And The Flamewind Of Oseon, the crook is made captive and harmed by the Force-sensitive Rokur Gepta. That suffering couldn’t be simply any flow of the mill, Earthly sort of beatdown. Lando was messed with superiorly, Star Wars style.

Dark Side useds could delve into their bag of tricks to use Recollection Walk or Chagrin Harm. The customer fronts right into his opponent’s intelligence and actions( no pun planned) them to relive all of the worst memories of their life until they’re in abundant quantities of physical pain.

7 Flow Walk

The Sith and Jedi goal the Force in strict tints of Light and Dark. But there were Force consumers like the Aing-Tii friars. They look at the Force as a full range of hues. Perhaps that’s why they use the Action in remarkable channels like Flow Walking.

Instead of time-traveling outright- Flow Walking permits a person to walk through time and review incidents. A handy implement, one that allows for all points of view when reviewing history.

6 Sith Alchemy

When the Nightsisters of Dathomir we’re introduced in The Courtship Of Princess Leia, magic was introduced into the Star Wars mythos. A bonus is that the Nightsisters are actually canon thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon, which constructed Asajj Ventress a Nightsister and the returning Darth Maul a Nightbrother.

But onscreen in the movies, Maul did not exhibit any of the Sith Alchemy that the Nightsisters would have learnt him. Nor did Sidious, who in theory was taught by Plagueis. The Jedi forbade this Alchemy because it disappears against whatever the wishes of the Force is.

5 Force Drain

With so many sneaky Dark Side ploys in the nations of the world, the Jedi are very strong-willed to discount plenty of terms of reference of the Dark Side that could always stem the tide in a battle. Supremacies like rending the Force right out of your dissident!

Force Drain is a supremacy akin to a Vampire siphoning off a victim’s blood and life force. A Sith Lord is available to plagiarized a Jedi’s power and Vital force. It’s a trick Palpatine used to give himself a longer life.

4 Force Storm

After Force Lightning and Force Tornados, there’d have to be a Force Storm right? Of trend, there’s a Force Storm. It’s not really weather associated. The Dark Side clevernes is more suggestive of Force Travel than affecting the weather.

Instead of moving yourself with the ability of the Force, a user would open up a massive hyperspace wormhole to move all kinds of things across cavity and day. Palpatine was able to use this ability in Dark Empire to captivate Luke.

3 Morichro

In case you weren’t mindful, there’s a female Yoda. You get three seconds to guess her honour … Yaddle. You see how easy that was? Other than that, just like Yoda not much is known about her, or even just how powerful she really is. Just that she is insanely powerful.

She’s the only known master of Morichro. Morichro is the artwork of rendering a human totally incapacitated. A consumer could absolutely shut down an enemy’s nervous system, basically making them dead if utilized long enough.

2 Force Supernova

Unless Disney is going to try to explain The Big Bang, Star Wars vogue, then don’t look to seeing Supernova in movies or testifies or Canon anytime soon. As its figure indicates, you’d be creating a Supernova, merely Force style.

Only two Sith Lords have been able to draw away such a vicious move, let alone try such a move. Utilizing Sith sorcery, you’re ripping the core freedom out of a stellar to overcome at an adversary. Who needs a[ Dark] Star?

1 Malacia

Every so often, even Jedi need a little help getting past sentries. They won’t is complying with a Jedi Mind Trick though, so what do you? You can use Malacia- and impel them sick enough to leave their post.

An age-old Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis has perfected this art, despite even my honourable colleagues seeming down on the method used since it exclusively affected organic beasts. It targeted a person’s own intensity, instead of the user’s and would often cause them to feel sickening at the very least, upchuck at the most.

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