Do you remember that pristine 1987 Buick GNX we pictured you last week? Well, the limited-edition Buick recently sold for an extraordinary $200,000 on Bring A Trailer.

The automaker exclusively formed 547 examples of the Buick GNX during the car’s single year in creation. Co-developed with McLaren Performance Engineering/ ASC, the Grand National Experimental may not look all that special to the uninitiated, but it has become very desirable in recent years. The last one ever cleared sold for $220,000 a couple of years ago with 68 miles( 109 km) on the clock.

The 1987 Buick GNX sold on BAT was figure 480 and primarily exchanged new by Ralph’s Buick in Arkansas. Shortly afterwards, the car was put on display at a Texas dealership and has never turned a rotate under its own supremacy since. The clock stopped at really 8 miles.

As if that wasn’t fairly, the GNX retains the original protective plastic over the front seats and door bodies. There’s too sheets of plastic shielding the pitch-black carpeting and the floor matteds have been stored in the vehicle’s stalk all these years.

Powering the Buick GNX is a 3.8 -liter V6 upgraded with the assistance provided by McLaren Performance Engineering/ ASC. Alterations formed include a brand-new Garrett T3 turbocharger, broadened intercooler, and a low-restriction spend that helps lift superpower to 300 hp when new. Mated to this device is a Hydramatic 200 -4R four-speed communication with an enlarged oil cooler. The GNX could extend the one-fourth mile in a estimable 12.7 seconds at 113.1 mph( 182 km/ h ).

The person who handed over $ 200,000 for the car likewise received the car’s original sticker, owner’s manual, warranty pamphlet, and a clean-living Wisconsin title in the seller’s name.

We’re plotted to see how high-pitched GNX costs go in the coming years.

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