In need of some Easter bunny ideas to offset your homestead Easter ready? If you want some decoration projects that include the Easter bunny you’ve come to the right place!

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Easter Bunny Decorations for Your Homestead Easter Bunny

Easter is just around the corner and it’s sad to say,” I’m not ready yet .” I do my best to have the homestead ready with Easter decorations but this year, a lot has come up and I’m just starting to get ready.

One thing I make sure to always have is the Easter rabbit. I can’t imagine celebrating Easter without one or two of those little critters. So if you too want to decorate your homestead with Easter rabbits, make your select from this list.

1. DIY Rustic Easter Bunnies

front door house there two wooden | easter bunny story

Go rustic and try these DIY rustic farmhouse bunnies you can do from timber slice. These grove bunnies are easy to put together, you just need to glue the sections, coat, and embellish!

2. Easter Bunny Egg Ornaments

Is it an Easter Egg or an Easter Bunny? You decide. These embellishes are absolutely pretty! They look like something you buy in a decoration store. They are fun and easy to offset, you just have to glue the cutouts together, and voila!

3. Bunny Door Hanger

Complete your Easter decor by hanging this lovely bunny on your breast doorway. You need your sewing knowledge for this project, but don’t worry, it’ll be simple and easy with the help of this video tutorial.

4. Spring Bunny Wreath

easter decorations wicker bunny on door | what does the easter bunny have to do with jesus

Welcome your guests with this Spring wreath! Take this idea as your muse and create a bright and eye-catching bunny decoration for Easter Day.

5. Crochet Bunny

Your decor shouldn’t really be for Easter. This crochet bunny wall-hanging decoration is something you can display all year long.

6. No-Sew Pottery Barn Inspired Bunny Banner

easter bunny craft paper garland decoration | why is it the easter bunny and not a chicken

Make it a party by making your own no-sew bunny banner. By using simple textiles offered in your aircraft office, you can already create a beautiful and colorful bunny banner to hang in your wall.

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7. DIY Sleeping Needle-Felt Wild Bunny

Aren’t they are only the cutest? Make them by needle felting. These bunnies may search complicated, but once you try this project, you’ll be doing these DIY bunnies for Easter Sunday every year!

8. Easter Bunny Balloons

cute pink young girl child daughter | easter bunny pictures

Now that you have the banners up, it’s time for the bags! This is one of the simplest bunny decor anyone can constitute in a short period of time.

All you need is a white balloon, depict it with a bunny face, then append bunny hearing cutouts, and you have a cute Easter bunny to display at home. Make as many bunny balloons as you want. The more the merrier!

9. Sock Rabbit

If sewing is your thing, then this DIY sock rabbit is perfect for you! You can customize your sock rabbit and make it more personal with your favorite medals. Add buttons, tie it with a charming submit, or attach more pins, and more!

10. Spring Bunny Crochet Planter Cover

For our bush fan friends out there, “its for” you! Your planters likewise need some touch of love come Easter Day. Decorate your planters with this super cute crochet planter cover and you’re all set for Easter!

11. Skinny Bunny

For these skinny bunnies, you’ll need polystyrene eggs, piping clean for the pass and legs, felt for the ears, some fabric, pompom for the nose, and paper flowers.

12. Cuddly Fabric Bunnies

Kids will adoration these people. Take the time and make a couple with the assistance of this video seminar. These are no-sew farmhouse-style plush bunnies you’ll love to hug morning and nighttime!

13. Moss Covered Easter Bunny

Add a little pottery barn hack to your Easter decor with this DIY tutorial. By wrap a simple plastic gigantic bunny receptacle from the Dollar Tree store with moss, you’ll have a beautiful Easter decoration to show off your guests.

Finish it with an motley of heydays and greenery for added details and decorations.

14. Origami Rabbit

three colorful origami easter bunny rabbits | easter bunny images

But when all you have is paper, you can still decorate by trying this origami rabbit feeling. You’ll surely have fun acquiring these cuties with the boys!

15. Pom Pom Easter Rabbit

This is how to make a DIY decorative pom-pom Easter rabbit. These handmade Easter rabbits are charming decor constituents to add to your Easter interior!

There you have it, fellow homesteaders! A lovely summary of DIY Easter bunny jobs you are eligible to utterly recreate and add to your home decorations.

All of these opinions are easy to make and will surely compute more Easter spirit to your beautiful homestead!

Which of these adorable Easter bunny DIY assignments are you planning to recreate? Let us know in the comments part below!

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