Safes are designed to keep your treasured components safe from all sorts of external threats. Apart from security against steals, the safe should also be strong and protected against fire fortunes. Fire is one of the main cause that result in the slaughter of important assets in a lot of commercial-grade targets like places, hospices, etc. Even though the important assets are generally stored in safes, most safes merely give certificate against theft and other same problems.

Therefore, it is important to get a safe that is also similarly pliable against attack hazards. Generally, the items that are stored in a safe are worth much more than the safe itself. Therefore, you must check all of the options available for you before you buy one. Also, make sure you consider the following factors before you do your decision.

Capacity: One of the most important factors of a fireproof safe is its capacity. Generally, the safes are designed for various capacities and you are supposed to choose one based on your requirements. The capacity of the safe should alternate based on whether you require a stationary safe, or one that you can travel with.

Build Quality: The construct caliber is very important for a fireproof safe. As the real test of the construct tone is time, you can still get an idea by checking the material used to determine the safe. Steel and alloy steel safes are quite good in terms of build quality and present better protection against external factors.

Safety: If you are buying a safe to place valuable pieces, you surely need to consider the security it is going to offer for your treasured components. Nowadays, almost every safes volunteer a digital code-based insurance which is quite fast as well as stuck. But, you should also have a backup option if the digital code organisation fails to operate.

Buying a safe is not an easy task as it requires a lot of consideration and time to select the best option for your lotion. As the safety of your the documentation and other important components are dependent upon the safe that you are buying, it certainly needs to be the strongest and safest option in national budgets. You can find out more information about fireproof safes on our ” Buying Guide “ preset last-minute in this article

Best Fireproof Safe 2021

Best Fireproof SafeCapacityMaterialWarrantyBuy Now

Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe1. 52 cubic feetCarbon Steel—Check On Amazon

SentrySafe Fireproof Box0. 61 cubic feetAlloy SteelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon

Safe and Lock Box SereneLife—Alloy Steel1 yearCheck On Amazon

JUGREAT Safe Box with Induction Light0. 23 cubic feetAlloy Steel—Check On Amazon

TIGERKING Security Safe Box2. 05 cubic feetSteel1 yearCheck On Amazon

Digital Safe- Electronic Stalwart—Alloy Steel5 yearsCheck On Amazon

Honeywell Safes& Door Locks0. 38 cubic feetABS Plastic7 yearsCheck On Amazon

SamYerSafe Safe Box with Sensor Light0. 24 cubic feetAlloy Steel—Check On Amazon

SureSeal by FireKing0. 38 cubic feetMetal7 yearsCheck On Amazon

First Alert 2011 F Fire Chest0. 17 cubic feet—5 yearsCheck On Amazon

H Hukoer Fireproof Security Box1. 7 cubic feetAlloy Steel9 0 daysCheck On Amazon

12. ETE ETMATE Fireproof Security BoxETE ETMATE Fireproof Security Box1 cubic feetAlloy Steel, Metal—Check On Amazon

Best Fireproof Safe Reviews 1. Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe

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As we all know, AmazonBasics is a great alternative brand of select for a variety of different makes. Apart from a range of e-commerce produces, AmazonBasics also offers a fireproof safe.

Coming in 1st locate, “were having” the AmazonBasics Steel Home Security Safe. It is rather a large fireproof safe compared to many other options on this list as it gives 1.52 cubic paws storage capability. Made out of carbon steel, the AmazonBasics Steel Home Security Safe offers enormous fortitude and durability in comparison to many other products.

As for the security, you will find a programmable keypad on the safe along with an emergency backup key. The door of the safe is made up of 8 gauge steel whereas the rest of the body aspects 14 gauge steel creation. You will also find pre-drilled openings boasted on the safe that are helpful at the time of installation.

Best Features

52 cubic feet storage gap Carbon sword interpretation Backup key included 8 compute sword doorway 14 gauge sword form


Secured with 2 live opening bars Features programmable digital protection fastening A enormou option for versatile storage parts


Requires permanent station for best safe

Buy Now From Amazon

2. SentrySafe Fireproof Box

SentrySafe Fireproof Box

Even portable possible options for a safe need to be large enough to carry several certificates at once. Therefore, we are introducing the fireproof box from SentrySafe next on our list.

In 2nd arrange, “were having” the SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box. It is rather a large option for a portable fireproof chest compared to many other options we have included on this list. The SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box offerings 0.61 cubic hoofs of storage opening along with alloy steel construction. SentrySafe is predicting about 1/2 hour of perseverance at 1550 degF in case of a attack hazard.

The SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box has UL and ETL certification so that you know you are buying a high-quality produce. With the box, you will get a flat key fastening that “bypasses” the fasten from opening accidentally, even in the event of a fervour. The SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box is one of our top recommendations as it also boasts a lifetime warranty period which seems to be rare even for fireproof safe boxes.

Best Features

61 cubic feet storage seat Metal sword interpretation Lifetime assurance 2 backup keys are furnished ETL and UL attested


Most reliable alternative Can withstand for about 1/2 hour under 1550 degF temperature Best suited alternative for expres valuable records


Heavy for a portable alternative

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Safe and Lock Box SereneLife

Safe and Lock Box SereneLife

SereneLife is also one of the most popular options present on our index today. The fireproof chest from SereneLife has been a choice of thousands of users so far and it might be the best option for you as well.

In the 3rd neighbourhood, we have the Safe and Lock Box from SereneLife. This safe calibrates 12.2 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches in size and is prepared with alloy sword to offer a rugged and durable improve excellence. It also has dual defence sword doors together with fastening shafts that are completely free from corrosion and stain fighting. To make this possible, the locking bars have a powder coating finish for a continue lifespan.

The primary safety measure on the SereneLife Safe and Lock Box is the digital code fastening provision of the breast. But, you too get 2 physical keys to invalidate information systems if it fails to operate properly. The safe is suitable for storing a variety of entries that you can easily access whenever compelled. The SereneLife Safe and Lock Box also offers you smart access with the help of fingerprint recognition which is much faster and evenly procure. It is authorized for 1 year against manufacturing shortcomings and internal damage.

Best Features

Measures 12.2 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches in size Alloy sword construction 1-year warranty Present fingerprint-based access 2 protection keys are included


Made of strengthened solid sword wall Dual protection steel opening Gunpowder coating to avoid corrosion and stains


More storage space should have been provided

Buy Now From Amazon

4. JUGREAT Safe Box with Induction Light


JUGREAT is offering a great option for a domestic as well as a professionally relevant fireproof safe. JUGREAT also designs various other dwelling protection gizmoes like mini-safe and classic safe.

The JUGREAT Safe Box is also a great option if you are looking for a fireproof safe to install in your residence. This safe offers 0.23 cubic feet of seat which is good enough for storing a variety of valuable entries. It too come here for a built-in light that crystallizes the inside of the safe to offer you a clearer sight while using the safe.

There are 2 procedures available for accessing the JUGREAT Safe Box. First is the traditional way via the keys that are carried with the safe. Other than that, you can access the safe with a digital code. You can set up 2 different codes for the safe at once for multiple access.

The JUGREAT Safe Box is constituted consuming solid thickened sword so that it is almost impossible to lever open the safe with thrust. It also has a built-in alarm system that will alert the owner after 3 consecutive wrong rod system inputs.

Best Features

23 cubic hoofs storage seat Metal steel structure Dismay plan for intrusion protection 2 codes can be used to access the safe Construct up of solid thickened sword


The safe offers 2 ways to access it Compact safe Comes with a built-in light


Narrow storage seat

Buy Now From Amazon

5. TIGERKING Security Safe Box

TIGERKING Security Safe Box

Tigerking is boasting one of the most premium fireproof safes on our roster today. This safe is best suited for commercial-grade applications as it has a very large storage space.

If enormous storage gap is what you have been looking for so far, then stop right here. The TIGERKING Security Home Safe is going to be the best option for you from our roll today. This fireproof safe renders 2.05 cubic feet of infinite which is more than what any other safe will give you right now. Along with that, you also get a steel person for long-lasting durability.

For enhanced security, the TIGERKING Security Home Safe boasts 6 live-locking bars which perfectly eliminates the possibility of made record. Due to the large space, you will be able to store a variety of valuable components in the safe without a few problems. It features a digital locking organization accessible by the display provided on the front. The aspect of this digital access committee is very good and it is certainly offer an assurance of operation without failure.

Best Features

05 cubic paws storage opening Sword creation 1-year guaranty Protected by 6 live-locking rods High-quality digital access committee


Digital board has touch screen access for systems A dual alarm system is applied in the safe Emergency key provided for instant access


Very expensive fireproof safe

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Digital Safe- Electronic Stalwart

Digital Safe – Electronic Stalwart

If you are investing quite a sum in a fireproof safe, you should definitely prefer a reliable option such as the one has already mentioned from Stalwart. This digital safe volunteers a longer warranty period than most other options.

A digital safe is supposed to last a long time, specially if you are investing a high sum while buying it. Therefore, we are bringing the digital safe from Stalwart on our selects today. The Stalwart Digital Safe quantifies about 14 x 12 x 20 inches in immensity and aspects an 11 inches wide assembly for storage. The walls and door of the safe are made up of alloy steel which is pretty common for premium safes.

The Stalwart Digital Safe can be attached on the wall as well as the floor so that you can install it in the most easily accessible and secured position. This extra-large fireproof safe is given with a code fasten which can be secured with a digital system. For even better protection, the panel countenances 3 to 8 digit long codes together with 2 manual access keys for emergencies. As this is a highly reliable alternative, it comes with a 5 years guaranty period.

Best Features

Extra-large fireproof safe 11 inches wide storage enclosure Alloy steel interpretation 5 years guaranty Measure 14 x 12 x 20 inches in width


3 to 8 digit long codes are accepted 2 manual invalidate keys are included Built-in locking system after inappropriate code input


Not is ideal for portable employments

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Honeywell Safes& Door Locks

Honeywell Safes

Honeywell is a renowned brand name for home appliances, peculiarly security-focused parts like cameras and doorbells. Honeywell likewise makes a portable fireproof casket that you might be needing for carrying crucial documents.

Our next select for the best fireproof safe is not exactly a safe, but a fireproof box made by Honeywell. “Thats one” of the most lightweight options you can find right now. The chest is made up of ABS plastic which offers nice defence against fervor jeopardies while weighing about 25 lbs exclusively. As the safe is also waterproof, you can easily keep electrical items without worrying about any sort of damage.

The Honeywell Fire Safe Box is rated for up to 30 instants of fighting against barrage mishaps with temperatures as high-pitched as 1550 degF. As for the waterproof guarantee, Honeywell is offering up to 100 hours of shelter at a degree of 39 inches with the waterproofed seal. The Honeywell Fire Safe Box is also one of the most reliable alternatives you will find today as it gives a 7 years long certificate period.

Best Features

38 cubic hoofs storage infinite ABS plastic building 7 years guaranty Facet a raincoat shut UL attested fireproof carton


A immense alternative for portable application Withstands for nearly 30 minutes at a temperature of 1550degF It offers spray fight up to 100 hours at a penetration of 39 inches


A digital fastening organization is not added

Buy Now From Amazon

8. SamYerSafe Safe Box with Sensor Light

SamYerSafe Safe Box

SamYerSafe is also a great choice present on our roster because of its highly cheap offering for a fireproof safe casket. You will find a lot of great peculiarities on this safe box despite the low price tag.

Coming up next, “were having” the SamYerSafe Safe Box. It is a great option for those who are looking for an cheap fireproof safe carton to throw basic parts. It is made up of metal sword and gives a storage ability of 0.24 cubic feet which is quite good. It also has a soft carpet on the inside which avoids critical components such as jewelry from injury. Once you open the safe, you will notice automated LED light-footeds on the inside that are present via the sensors positioned on the door.

There are 2 unlocking procedures provided on the SamYerSafe Safe Box that are digital system and one is via the manual control key. Apart from that, there is a Numpad provided on the front along with a knob that abides numeric as well as alphabetical passwords for opening. To keep your parts safe, the SamYerSafe Safe Box offers protection with 2 coagulated moveable doors and a obscured tamper-proof hinge.

Best Features

24 cubic paws storage seat Metal sword creation Sensor-based lighting system Supports numerical as well as alphabetical passwords Wall-mounted designing


Strong fireproof chest Pact alternative One of the cheapest selections


More reliable alternatives are available compared to SamYerSafe Safe Box

Buy Now From Amazon

9. SureSeal by FireKing

SureSeal by FireKing

Premium alternatives are also available for portable fireproof chests. Such options are necessary for those who carry valuable entries and documents with them on a daily basis. If you are also one of such useds, make sure you check our next hand-picked from FireKing.

FireKing is a very popular brand for office supplies and other related documentation. Therefore, the authorities concerned will propose going with the SureSeal SS1 04 -A Fireproof Chest if you need one for official intents. The SureSeal SS1 04 -A Fireproof Chest proposals 0.38 cubic hoofs of storage infinite despite being completely made out of metal. Such room is perfect for portable utilization as it allows you to store any components while still maintaining the suit travel-friendly.

The SureSeal SS1 04 -A Chest is both waterproof and fireproof. This should give you assurance about the concoction and its soundnes. If you want more confidence, FireKing is offering a seven years long assurance on the dresser, which is longer than any other portable option. You likewise get UL Class 350 burn rating and dual compression hooks on the SureSeal SS1 04 -A Fireproof Chest.

Best Features

38 cubic feet storage seat Metal interpretation 7 years guaranty Dual squeeze bolts Waterproof as well as fireproof chest


The guaranty point is very long Storage room is good enough for portable consumption Stimulate out of metal


Weighs about 56 lbs

Buy Now From Amazon

10. First Alert 2011 F Fire Chest

First Alert 2011F Fire Chest

We also have a budget-friendly portable firebox to offer you from FIRST ALERT. It is a great choice for carrying informal documents and other same components that are prone to get damaged by water, or fire.

The First Alert 2011 F is also an excellent fireproof dresser under an inexpensive cost compas. The First Alert 2011 F will keep your documents as well as electronic pieces safe and sound as it is both fireproof and waterproof. As for the shoot resistance, it can withstand up to 30 hours at a circumventing temperature of 1550degF. As for the capacity, you will get 0.17 cubic feet of storage seat for storing basic items like certificates, CDs, DVDs, etc.

The First Alert 2011 F also has administers that make it much easier to carry for long distances. The chest locks up with the securing mode secures that can only be opened with one of the 2 keys included with the chest. You will likewise receive five years of the warranty period on this chest which is pretty good for the price.

Best Features

17 cubic feet storage opening Comes with 2 keys Clamping mode clamps 5 years warranty Standard ardour fight capacity


Resists shell mar for practically 1/2 hours Clamping wording fasten with 2 keys A pact and portable alternative


Storage cavity not is ideal for huge items

Buy Now From Amazon

11. H Hukoer Fireproof Security Box

H Hukoer Fireproof Security Box

Up until now, you have seen almost all of the favourite possible options for a fireproof safe. Now, we will focus on some underrated options such as the one mentioned here made by H HUKOER.

The H HUKOER Safe is both waterproof and fireproof which originates it a great choice for all types of works. “Thats one” of the few alternatives that are completely made out of metal and offers a magnanimous storage opening of 1.7 cubic paws. The core on this fireproof safe is secured with triple solid fastens and offset with a 20 mm thick-witted steel wall. Therefore, it is almost impossible to open the safe without the keys or the digital code.

Due to the large space provided on the inside, you can store almost all types of valuable pieces irrespective of their size. The safe also has 4 mounting bolts so that it can be installed on the flooring, rack, or even wall with ease. The H HUKOER Safe is warranted for 90 dates against all sorts of defects and damage.

Best Features

7 cubic feet storage opening Metal steel interpretation 90 days certificate Gauge ignites provided on the figurehead Supports up to 6 toe passwords


Build tone was good Highly protected core 20 mm thick-skulled solid steel walls


The assurance interval restricted to 90 epoches

Buy Now From Amazon

12. ETE ETMATE Fireproof Security Box

ETE ETMATE Fireproof Security Box

Our last boast for the most wonderful fireproof safe is coming from ETE ETMATE. It is likewise a comparatively cheaper option that you have seen still further for the demonstrated storage space.

Our last select for the best fireproof safe is the ETE ETMATE Fireproof and Waterproof Security Box. It comes with a digital combination lock to offer better security and privacy for the access codes. It likewise features a triple fastening core as our last alternative and is secured by same 20 mm thick-skulled solid sword 20 mm thick walls. The storage seat is also fairly efficient on the ETE ETMATE Fireproof and Waterproof Security Box as it can store entries within 1 cubic hoofs space.

If the digital lock disappoints, you can still unlock the safe via the master key included within the package. Therefore, you are able to ever have a backup option even when the batteries run out, as long as you have the master key. You will also find pre-drilled openings on the safe which clears it much easier and quicker to install.

Best Features

1 cubic feet storage seat Alloy steel, metal construction Triple fastening core 20 mm, thick solid sword walls Fireproof as well as waterproof safe


Storage cavity is pretty good 2 means to unlock the safe Lightweight alternative


Requires permanent installation

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Fireproof Safe

A lot of important documents are made up of fabric that is easily incendiary and hence, is more prone to get damaged by fire. Even if they are stored in a safe that cannot be easily destroyed, barrage can find a way in and impairment the most important thing beyond fixing. Therefore, the safes need to have a special fireproof rating and you must choose the ones that present fighting against shell fortunes while buying a safe.

To help you with that, we have reaped the most wonderful fireproof safes present in the market right now. You will find all the information about these safes right alongside the products themselves. If you wish to know more, we have also educated this buying guide for the best fireproof safes. In this guide, we will discuss some common factors that must be considered while you are purchasing a fireproof safe.


The size of a safe must be considered fully before you buy one as it imposes the have applied for that special safe. Apart from the things that could be stored in the safe, the length likewise matters upon where you are going to install the safe itself. For storing big pieces, you naturally have to purchase a larger safe which offers enough space for that.

On our directory, you will find fireproof safes that vary from 0.17 cubic paws all the way up to 2.05 cubic feet. Another important detail to remember is that larger safes are generally more secure and robust in construction. But, enormous safes are also significantly more expensive than smaller ones. Therefore, you might end up overspending on a large safe if you don’t actually ask one.


Generally, you will find 2 types of safes in the industry. Primarily there are safes that need to be permanently installed at a orientation. Other than that, currently there are portable options paper even for a safe. A portable safe is called a fireproof casket and we have included some of the best options for that as well on our collects today.

These options are perfect for those who need to carry documents and other important things on a daily basis. Portable safes are much easier to save in case of a flaming hazard as you can simply carry the case out along with you. And if the portable option offers a reasonable fireproof rating, it becomes an ideal option for all applications.

Fireproof Rating

If you are looking for a fireproof action exclusively, there are lucks that “youve had” personally suffered a fervor mishap or have at least read about it. To avoid any form of personal or professional loss due to a fuel peril, fireproof safes are wished all over the world to save crucial documents and other important assets.

But, the fireproof rating also plays an important role in this scenario. You can check the fireproof rating offered by various standard organizations that are allotted based on testing and performance of the safe itself. A strong most fireproof safe can offer safety against volley safeties for variou hours, which is usually how long it takes to control a flame completely.

Locking Method

The locking mechanism is what draws the safe a suitable option to store valuable parts. The locking mechanism refers to the built-in system of the safe which admits exclusively a specific named of parties to access the internal belonging of the safe. It usually includes a deadlocking mechanism accessible with a digital code.

The safe owner can set up the system himself and give it to merely the relied personnel if it is necessary to. But, if the code fails to operate, the safe must also offer access via a master key which is mostly delivered alongside the safe. Nowadays, the safes are designed with more advanced technology that gives access even via fingerprint and facial acceptance which provides for even easier and fail-proof access to the safe.


Q. How long can a fireproof safe exist in a flame incident?

The fire resistance of a particular fireproof safe depends upon various factors such as construct tone, safety measure, and the material used to design the safe. Generally, the fireproof safes are rated for about 30 to 60 minutes of security in case of a fire.

Such a timeframe should be long enough to take necessary action and secure the safe from burn. However, the temperature is not the same in case of a shell incident and a safe can last longer or shorter based on the temperature around it.

Q. What sort of shell defiance can be expected from fireproof safes?

As the mention intimates, a fireproof safe is designed in such a way that it offerings immense fighting to injure against all sorts of fire occurrences. With that in judgment, you should also consider that most safes are only fire resistance and not entirely fireproof. Each fireproof safe is safe against flame jeopardies up to a certain period of time. But, you should still prefer one as it grants you enough time to put out the ardour and obtain the safe from the hazardous area.

Q. What are fireproof safes made of?

There are a lot of materials that are used for the construction of a fireproof safe. You knows where to find safes made up of carbon sword, composite sword, and even ABS plastic for lightweight works. Some safes likewise offer several strata so that additional safety is available. You can also check the reliability offered by a certain brand by verifying the warranty period allotted for the safe. Reliable safes are generally warranted for a longer period of time.


It is very crucial to find the best safe under your budget so that you can get the best value for your investment as well as security for your cherished assets. On top of security rights against tonnes of external factors, your safe also needs to be protected against fire hazards. Even though a ardour threat is a distant possibility for a lot of establishments, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

It is our pleasure to provide you with the best fireproof safe present on world markets right now together with all the information you need to know before buying one. With that, the authorities concerned will likewise supply some recommendations right here.

TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Safe Box is our top recommendation for the best fireproof safe as it is the largest option on our index today. This fireproof safe proposals 2.05 cubic feet of storage space which is good enough for almost all types of critical resources. The safe itself is made up of metal steel and renders vibrations and audible horrify boasts. Although, if you are searching for a more reliable option, the Honeywell Safes& Door Locks Safe Box Check will be a better alternative for you. This fireproof carrying case is backed with 7 years of assurance which is pretty good for its rate. It will furnish you 0.38 cubic paws of carrying space which is more than fairly for documents and some other small objects. But, if your requirement is not too high, you can definitely go with the SamYerSafe Safe Box and save a good deal on your investment. This is the cheapest alternative in the market right now that features a digital locking plan with 0.24 cubic hoofs of storage seat. Too, the box is completely made out of steel to offer long-lasting strength and reliability.

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