When you set up an internet network with a router for your home, you often you can rename it something easy to remember, in order to distinguish your Wi-Fi network from your neighbors ‘. Some people have gone way beyond establishing their network a simple name like” The Jones’ House .” They’ve fixed cool or funny Wi-Fi network appoints into an skill constitute, squandering puns and jokes to get a chuckle out of anyone nearby, and especially those looking for some free Wi-Fi.

How do you make a funny Wi-Fi name?

Making a funny wi-fi name isn’t as hard-boiled as it seems. One of the best ways to create them is to make puns out of words related to Wi-Fi, like internet and router. Or, you could simply scroll through the 100 funniest Wi-Fi names below to get some inspiration.

Funny Wi-Fi names router with a name tag that says no more mister wifi

No More Mr. Wi-Fi Wi Believe I Can Fi No Wi-Fi For You! Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan Router? I Hardly Know Her! Examine Ma, No Wires Keep It On The Download Winter WonderLAN The LAN Of The Free I Pronounce You Man And Wi-Fi IP Frequently No Laughing Router Wi Oh Wi We’ve Been Trying To Reach You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty Feeling Routy Caught In The Interweb Wi-Finders Keepers Putting In The Network My Wi-Fi Is Always Right Wi-Find You Cute Feed Me Leaky Sync Smooth As Buffer Just One Byte

These funny Wi-Fi names are great for chortles, but Wi-Fi theft is no joke–here are the signs someone’s stealing your Wi-Fi.

Clever Wi-Fi names router with a name tag that says new england clam router

Wi-Fi Fo Fum New England Clam Router Wi-Fight the Inevitable? LAN Down Under Silence of the LANS Wu-Tag LAN Protect Your Net 99 Problems But Wi-Fi Ain’t One WiMCA No LAN For The Wicked Where The Wild Pings Are Go Go Router Rangers Titanic Syncing Routers Of The Lost Ark If You Can’t Beat’ Em, Modem Networking 9 to 5 Hopping On The Bandwidth Stuck The LANding One Hot Spot Wi-Not? Another Brick In The Firewall

Need more jokes? These clever jokes will totally represent you reverberate smart.

Cool Wi-Fi names

router with a nametag that says drop it like its hotspot

Go Go Gadget Internet Drop It Like It’s Hotspot I’m Feeling A Connection Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi Load’ Em and Modem Exactly What You’re Looking For URLY Cool Wi-Fi In Sync Reservation Required Down To The Wire Cut The Cord Boosted Nothing But Net Smooth LANding Link Up Life In The Fast LANe No Wires Attached

Nerdy Wi-Fi names router with a name tag that says bill wi the science fi

Hogwarts Great Hall Wi-Fi Lord Voldemodem The Wi-Fi That Shall Not Be Spoken Bill Wi the Science Fi LAN Solo Return Of The Wi-Fi Luke, I Am Your Router Live Long And Router Fi-Wi Name, This Is You Shall Not Password Dungeon Masters Only Lord Of The Pings My Precious Wi-Fi The Goblet Of Router Winternet Is Coming Darth Router You’re a Wi-Fi, Harry

If you’re loving these nerdy Wi-Fi names, you’ll also cherish these nerdy pickup words.

Backhanded Wi-Fi names

router with a name tag that says byte me

Close Your Bathroom Curtains Mom, Click Here for Internet I Don’t Miss Dial-Up Stop Being a Mooch Hey, Get Your Own Wi-Fi Nacho Wi-Fi Definitely Not an FBI Surveillance Van My Password Is 1234 Help, I’m Trapped in This Router Get off My LAN! Click Here for Viruses Series of Tubes I’m Under Your Bed Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wi-Fi No Internet Access Not the Wi-Fi You’re Looking For Never Gonna Give You Wi-Fi Byte Me You Won’t Get Hacked Here *Not A Virus*

Feel free to use one of these funny Wi-Fi names to add a little flare to your internet. Next, learn the answer to an important question: Are open wi-fi networks safe?

Written with contribution from Alina Bradford

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