So like the rest of the planet, you’ve blared through Squid Game and are looking for something new to watch. From Alice in Borderland to Sweet Home, there is 10 show recommendations to watch on Netflix.

0:00 – 10 Shows To Binge After Squid Game
0:34 – Alice in Borderland
1:17 – 3%
2:00 – Sweet Home
2:53 – Okja
3:45 – Extracurricular
4:22 – Psychokinesis
5:02 – The Uncanny Counter
5:46 – Time To Hunt
6:29 – The Drug King
7:13 – The Platform


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What To Watch After Squid Game! Death Game Shows, Revenge Thrillers+ Korean Cinema On Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped participates admitted a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting award awaits — with deadly high bets.

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