Many genre followers have fond memories of Showtime’s two-season anthology Masters of Horror, and now is the perfect time to revive it for a new audience. Debuting in descent 2005, Masters of Horror was a grand experiment, organized by mentioned Stephen King collaborator Mick Garris. The feeling was simple, yet genius, gather up a group of well-regarded horror conductors, and give them each one hour to tell whatever story they craved. Thanks to being on fee cable, they were also stood almost complete freedom when it came to sex and gore, with the noticeable objection of Takashi Miike’s episode Imprint.

While Masters of Horror, like any collection display, had its share of clunkers, it was better induced some really great stuff, principal among that John Carpenter’s episode Cigarette Burns. There was also Joe Dante’s politically-charged zombie story Homecoming, and Lucky McKee’s delightfully gruesome Sick Girl, all within season 1. Season 2 raised William Forsythe’s evil clown Buster in We All Scream for Ice Cream, and the terrifying scenario presented in The Screwfly Solution, in which a contagion drives men to kill maids when they become aroused.

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Those are just some of the very best episodes of Ruler of Horror, and while the prove got canceled path too soon, it remains readily available to stream. It’s been 13 years since Masters of Horror aimed, and there couldn’t be a better time to bring it back.

One reason now is the right time for a Ruler of Horror revival is how the landscape of TV has changed since it was canceled. During Masters of Horror’s original lead, the anthology TV register seemed to be in its death throes, with the pattern being almost nonexistent elsewhere on TV at the time. Now, the collection format is booming like it hasn’t in decades, with Creepshow on Shudder, The Twilight Zone on CBS All Access, Channel Zero recently rolling for four seasons on Syfy, the continued success of American Horror Story on FX, Black Mirror on Netflix, and more where those came from.

Plus, there’s a new crop of fright superintendents that is able to get in on the action, as could the older guard like Garris, Carpenter, Dante, and John Landis if they wanted to return. Sure, some of them might be too busy, but a new Masters of Horror should utterly reach out to beings like James Wan, Mike Flanagan, Jordan Peele, Radio Silence, Karyn Kusama, Rob Zombie, and Robert Eggers. There’s also lots of rising indie directors who would probably love to participate. However, it would be absolutely essential for a new Masters of Horror to remain on premium cable or streaming, where it could truly let loose with adult content.

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