Google has its own way of telling OEMs which facets coming with a brand-new Android build they have to mandatorily offer with their habit barks that are dependent upon the Android Open Source Project, and the ones they can choose to skip. These guidelines are collected in the Android Compatibility Definition Document( CDD ).

Implementation of new boasts is divided across lists such as “MUST”, “MUST NOT”, “REQUIRED”, “SHALL”, “SHALL NOT”, “SHOULD”, “SHOULD NOT”, “MAY”, “RECOMMENDED”, and “OPTIONAL .” Now, Google has not released the Android 11 CDD, but a divulged pre-release copy recommends Android 11′ s Device Controls in strength menu , notification gossips, and on-device identity credentials might not came to see you all devices.

Google has removed the “MUST” requirement for the new Device Control interface in the power menu, which signifies OEMs can choose to ignore it and carry their Android 11 -based surfaces without this feature. Similarly, Google is also leaving it up to OEMs if they want to offer notification discussions( group notifications from messaging apps and is demonstrating separately in the notifications shade) and Identity Credentials( allows users to securely store identity documents such as driver’s license on their phone) with their respective Android 11 modernizes.

You can speak more about how this might have taken place in the exclusive report by XD-ADevelopers Editor-in-Chief Mishaal Rahman( @MishaalRahman) here.

When people talk about Android 11 facets, they’re frequently talking about them in the context of Google Pixel telephones. Not every boast you’re hearing about will be posted on every phone operating Android 11. https :// i7xfkFf4Ua

— Mishaal Rahman (@ MishaalRahman) June 26, 2020

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