Fired Solo: A Star Wars Story co-director Phil Lord pesters the original plans for Lando Calrissian. Over the past few years, Lucasfilm’s become preferably infamous for cycling through innovatives on numerous projections, but no instance is as outrageous as what happened on Solo. Lord and Chris Miller, the duo famed for smacks like The LEGO Movie, were nearly complete with principal photography when they were let go in June 2017 due to creative divergences with Lucasfilm. As a solution, the studio brought in Ron Howard to humanity substantial reshoots – a process that severely inflated the budget and hurt Solo’s chances of turning a profit.

Even though it was the first Star Wars box office bomb, Solo made generally positive inspects. In the aftermath of its liberate, there was no massive call to release the Lord and Miller Cut a la Justice League. In fact, there’s a viral follower safarus to see Solo 2 happen. Still, some observers are probably curious what Lord and Miller’s version of the movie would have looked like. The full narration may never be divulged, but now Lord’s offered the slightest hint of what they could have had in store.

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On Twitter, Robert Daniels of Polygon shared his part discussing Star Wars actor John Boyega’s passionate Black Lives Matter speech and how the right missed an opportunity to better portray the pitch-black ordeal in cinemas. Answering to the tweet, Lord affixed “some people tried…” Check out the exchange in the room below 😛 TAGEND

Lord doesn’t say it outright, but one can infer he’s referencing his time on Solo and what he and Miller attempted with the movie. Since Lando had a key supporting role in Solo, it’s safe to expect Lord and Miller were considering expend that reference in a way that differed from what was seen in the liberated cinema. Complete details regarding Lord and Miller’s departure are not public knowledge, but it has been disclosed the pair glanced to take risks on Solo and encouraged the throw to improvise. A pitch of contention supposedly was straying more far away from Lawrence Kasdan’s original dialogue. Howard apparently shot the same script Lord and Miller had, so it’s possible Lord and Miller tried to inject their own ideas into Solo, which didn’t sit well with producers. Lord stopped short of saying how exactly some people tried, so what those notions might have been remain a mystery.

Donald Glover’s performance as Lando was one of the more universally-praised aspects of Solo, and some viewers cared they are able seen more of him. It certainly would have been fascinating to use Lando as a vessel to explore the pitch-black know-how in a Star Wars movie, which perhaps would have given the spinoff a bit more personality. A common essay of Solo is it toy things too safe in crafting Han’s origin story – an approach that doesn’t perfectly make sense with a lead character known for having a reckless streak. Maybe one of the upcoming Star Wars films or TV substantiates Lucasfilm is developing can be a little more daring and help the franchise derive by depicting fresh perspectives.

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