Singer Meat Loaf and his wife Deborah Lee Gillespie are indicting Hyatt Regency at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, claiming he took a terrifying tumble during an image at the hotel, which resulted in him being hospitalized for 42 days.

The incident undid in May 2019 when Meat Loaf, ne Michael Lee Aday, was preparing to speak at a question-and-answer panel during Texas Frightmare Weekend — an annual repugnance gathering in Dallas, according to a complaint filed in the District Court of Tarrant County, Texas obtained by Courthouse News Service.

As he ambled on the stage, Meat Loaf, 72, “put his paw down on part of the curtain that had nothing beneath it, ” individual complaints states.

As a ensue, Meat Loaf supposedly lost his footing as “there was no stage floor beneath his hoof, his hoof and leg went down into air, stimulating him to fall off the stage, arising in serious injuries.”

Meat Loaf and his wife are also suing Frightmare Weekend LLC.

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Meat Loaf’s lawyer Charla Aldous did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for statement. Both the Hyatt Regency and Texas Frightmare Weekend LLC did not return PEOPLE’s is asking for comment.

Following the transgression, Meat Loaf sustained harms to his neck, collar bone and shoulder, according to the complaint.

At the time of the incident, Meat Loaf was hastened to emergencies at Baylor Scott& White Medical Center. He stayed there for 12 epoches before being transferred to Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He stayed there for an additional 30 daylights, according to the lawsuit.

Meat Loaf’s artery to recovery didn’t cease at research hospitals. Following his freeing, he had to participate in physical therapy, according to the complaint.

Meat Loaf is supporting both the hotel and the fete responsible for his injuries as they “failed to do their job to provide a safe environment and ultimately Meat Loaf came seriously injured because of their collapses, ” individual complaints states.

The complaint too is of the view that both the Hyatt and Frightmare were “negligent” when setting up the stage and constructed it in a way that allegedly created a “trap” and a “hidden hazard.”

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“In setting up the stage, the Accuseds hung palls from a tall frame at the back perimeter of the stage. The draperies came past the bottom of the stage where members were marching and obstructed where the stage objective. Therefore, when contemplating the stage from the participants’ standpoint, one would be unable to determine how much opening the selection board had while accompanying near the palls before they would fall off the buttock of the stage, ” the complaint states.

Meat Loaf is best known for his songs “Bat Out of Hell” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” He won a Grammy for best rock vocal carry-on for “I’d Do Anything For Love( But I Won’t Do That ). ”

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