A senator with a sweet tooth!

Sen. Chuck Schumer has admitted that over the past decade he’s deplete more than $ 8,600 on cheesecake.

In a press conference on Sunday, Schumer said that he was “guilty as charged” after the New York Post reported his spending on the snack, explaining that wedges of cheesecake from Junior’s restaurant in New York City are his go-to offering option.

“I give them as talents. I use them for gambles, you know when someone wants to bet something, you are well aware for a Brooklyn thing versus a Wisconsin thing, ” Schumer told the group, explaining that he formerly gambling the Brooklyn cheesecake against Wisconsin cheese, according to footage of the news conference obtained by CNN.

“So I say to the New York Post and others, guilty as charged, ” he said.

“I love Junior’s cheesecake so much. It’s the best cheesecake in the world countries. It is attained in Brooklyn, I’ve been going to Junior’s since I was a little boy, and it’s my guilty please, ” he added, holding up a layer full of cheesecake slices.

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Schumer then expected reporters, “Who would like a Junior’s cheesecake? ” before walking around to pass out the decadent dessert to those in attendance. “If everyone shares, there’ll be plenty.”

Juniors has been a New York staple since 1950, and offers some nostalgia for Schumer, who grew up going to the restaurant that now boasts multiple locations in the Big Apple.

The big summing-up spent on cheesecake was reported in Federal Election Commission filings between the years of 2009 and 2016, CNN reported, by the Friends of Schumer PAC.

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The filings reveal amounts paid to Junior’s ranging from $46 to as much as $ 516 for “supporter admissions, ” the outlet said, adding that the senator’s office said the money used to purchase the considers did not come from taxpayers.

While Schumer’s press secretary told CNN that the politician “likes any spice, ” they added that the grassland flavor “allows one to really enjoy that Junior’s recipe.”

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