Save 95% on a lifetime subsciption to this clever cloud storage solution

TL ;D R: A lifetime subscription to Degoo Premium is on sale for PS55. 93 as of July 3, saving you 95% on list price.

Some parties bungee jump. Others skydive. And other exhibitionists walk around without any backup for their photos, videos, and documents. Shove us out of a plane, sure, but there’s no way we’re going without the suitable backup for our files.

Getting that backup can be tough, considering your important nonsense is likely divided between a laptop or two, a phone, and a tablet. And some backup means, like the ones offered by your phone carrier or Apple, can eat away at your purse with monthly rewards that make sense in a lifetime. You’ve probably never heard of Degoo, but it basically does the exact opposite. Read more …

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