No matter how functional your business has been, or how “open” it can be now, or how your goals have changed, sooner or later your neighbourhood probe visibility again is part of your sorest distinguishes. Whether that’s already happened or is still a while off, at the least you don’t require your regional SEO to be in worse shape than it was before the lockdown.

There’s a good chance you’ve been open in some faculty this whole time. So when I say “reopening” I’m referring to whenever you’re( 1) welcoming more in-person business and( 2) focusing more of your regional SEO effort on drumming up that in-person business. Of course, I don’t know your specific situation, so I assume it’s safe and law for you to do that. I assume you’ll apply your best judgment.

I’ve put together a immediate checklist of the primary quick-witted tasks to help you pick up your regional SEO effort where you left off, and maybe even make a little progress. Here’s my “reopening” checklist( chunked into sections for clarity ):

Google My Business (” GMB “)

Make sure your GMB page is not marked” temporarily closed .” The paragon statu is you never did that, because for a while marking your business as “temporarily closed” would you from the 3-pack( from what I encountered ). In any event , now is probably a good time to mark it as “open.” By now, most people know to check with you if they’re unsure of your hours or SOPs.

Accept or reject any auto-updates Google has made on your GMB page.

Make sure your latest GMB post indicates your current status, peculiarly if you generated a sticky upright or a ” COVID modernize” pole.

Confirm your GMB description is up-to-date.

Submit revises on any recent keyword-stuffing in competitors’ Google My Business ” identify” lands.( In the COVID era Google has allowed certain kinds of illustrative phrases in there, which of course certain people have used as a justification to keyword-stuff even more than they did before .)


Make sure your title calls manifest your status as of reopening day( if you updated any of your entitlement tags to wonder your COVID status ).

Make it clear whether your online or “virtual” furnish is available long-term, once you’ve resumed determining clients/ patients/ cases in-person. Many business owners scrambled to roll out that kind of service and to create a page for it, but many of them conflated that sheet with their “COVID policies” page. So you want to make it clear to beings whether your virtual provide is or was rigorously a spring of 2020 thing.

Confirm your “contact” page shows your current status: how open you are, your hours, willingness to offer a virtual busines, etc.


Determine whether Google is allowing brand-new Google Maps scrutinizes through. As you may know, Google placed brand-new evaluations on hold for a while, though Google been allowing some remembers through( to running positions) since about mid-April, from what I’ve detected. Do a dry run by asking person you are aware( customer or not) to leave you a Google review. A few hours later or maybe the next day, signed out of your Google account, open an incognito browser invoice, and see if “youre seeing” the review in Google Maps.

Try responding to a Google review to confirm whether Google has rehabilitated your ability to respond to reviews.( Yep, that peculiarity too was on ice for a while .)

Encourage a recent purchaser or other reviewer to mention your safety protocols in his or her scrutinize. That achieves at least a duo things: it concludes it clear you’ve seen patrons recently, and it gives would-be patrons a sense of your business’s current SOPs.


If you run Google Ads( AdWords ), make sure none of your ads or postponements has been plucked because you mentioned the pandemic or telehealth by list.( You can only refer to those obliquely .)

If applicable, make sure HealthGrades indicates correct answers in the FAQs section( which shows up because HealthGrades employs Schema FAQs markup ).

Send a “howdy” or low-key announcement to anyone who may have wanted to visit your business or working in collaboration with you in recent months, but who couldn’t. I’m referring to people you had to turn away, people who had safety concerns you may have addressed in the meantime, etc. I’m sure your website and Facebook page will give the meaning, but I’d likewise recommend an email blast, a one-on-one email, or even( dare I say) a piece of snail mail. Even if your standings are OK and you’ve got no local-visibility-related problems, it may be a while before you get any brand-new clients through the neighbourhood examination grapevine. See who’s been stuck in the pipeline for the last few months. No uncertainty some people have lost interest, while others are in real bad need of what you offer.

Once you’ve reopened, of course you’ll get back to the same challenge you had before: getting more visible than your entrants are. Then you’ll be back to the same questions, like of how to earn good relations, how to get good evaluations, how to realize your site as big and bad as it can be, how to keep a lid on competitors’ spam, and more. In a strange nature it may feel good to get back to the point where those things are the biggest problems; they are to be able to not seem as daunting.

What else is on your reopening to-do list? Anything I forgot?

Any big-hearted decisions you’re studying( that tie in with neighbourhood exploration )?

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