Follow all the action from Hollywood as we find out who’s wearing what, who’s winning what and whose acceptance lecture is dropping jaws

* Oscars tonight: prognosis, timetable and all you need to know

* ‘Brad Pitt tells us he’s single’: play-act Oscars bingo !

1.34 am GMT

The song is over. During the commercial flout all the Elsas must contend each other with sharpened attaches to see who is the one genuine Elsa. It’s a chagrin to be missing it, really, but exchange is commerce.

1.32 am GMT

The song is performed in Japanese, Polish, Thai, Castilian, German, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Danish. It is accurately- and I make precisely- like a half-time Eurovision performance. I won’t tell you whether that’s a good or bad thing, though.

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