Netflix has released a amusing trailer for Teenage Bounty Hunters, and it acquaints two deadly teens making their way through “schools ” with a surprising side bustle. This Netflix original streak is about twin sisters Sterling and Blair, as they poise “peoples lives” at their elite high school with their unlikely occupation as badass prize hunters. The line will star Maddie Phillips( Supernatural) as Sterling and Anjelica Bette Fellini( The Gifted) as Blair.

Netflix‘s first look at the upcoming original sequence perfectly trims between usual “schools ” incidents and some immense action strings. Witness catch a glimpse of quintessential “schools ” tropes like woo, AP world-class, cliques, parties, and angst. These are blended with energizing instants that desegregate perfectly with the laughter and banter between the specific characteristics. The goal of the trailer notations the first season will be available for streaming on August 14. Check out the first look at Teenage Bounty Hunters below 😛 TAGEND

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Netflix is consistently pumping out brand-new content and has a lot of projects lined up right now. The Umbrella Academy season 2 freeings tomorrow on July 31. Warrior Nun was secreted early in July, which notably performed a female-led cast. It seems as though a lot of the humor from Teenage Bounty Hunters will come from the youthful heroines trying to balance the minefield of high school with their risky positions. In the trailer, one of the sisters posits, “We are really nailing this work life balance. Why do maids deplore so much better? It’s super easy to have it all.” Viewers will find out if the show is able to effectively pull off the balance the protagonists currently facing when Teenage Bounty Hunters debuts on August 14.

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