Iron Man has created spate of interesting and unique armors for himself in Marvel Comics as well an in the MCU films. It seems like he has an armor for any given situation. However, one such armor from the comics is notably unique. Not exactly in its particularly dark purpose, but also in the material its made from. Known as the Cold Iron Armor, this suit allows Tony Stark to take on a very specific enemy: Malekith, Lord of the Dark Elves, and all of his elven actions. Read on to learn why it’s such a unique and intense armor.

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While Malekith is typically a nemesis of the Thor, the God of Thunder, Iron Man rectifies his spates on the dark elf after the rascal goes his hands on a few Mandarin rings. Initially meant to be a stealth mission on the dark elves’ realm of Svartalfheim to retrieve the rings, Tony Stark is discovered and Malekith transports his gloom elves to hunt Iron Man down. He affords each of his captains a Mandarin ring, presumably to help them kill Tony formerly they’ve tracked him. However, Iron Man is never without a backup and event schedule, frequently in the form of a brand-new tech or armor. In this case, one awfully deadly armor.

Apparently, a fighting-fire-with-fire approach is needed when facing the dark elves. Tony calls Dark Angel, a tech/ wizard expert encouraging him, to send him a brand new armor, known as the Cold Iron armor. While most of Iron Man’s suits are not actually made of iron( as he mentions in the first Iron Man cinema ), this particular suit is. The rationale for the iron utilized is that the metal is found to be destructive to dark elves. Upon contact, the elves knowledge an excruciating sting and igniting cold, hence the armor’s name. With his new suit, Iron Man turns the tables on those elves hunting him, offsetting them the prey.

This suit is arguably more intense and more “metal” than any of Tony’s other dress. Peculiarity long iron claws on each gauntlet for perforate, and a launching spear attached to the shoulder, the committee is also ardors shadows of cast-iron filings, ensuring little chance for any elf to escape the inevitable freezing burn. Iron Man isn’t messing around wearing this suit. Why should he, considering that Malekith would like nothing more than to flay him alive? Nonetheless, the armor and its light determination likewise seem to come with an even darker disposition for Tony himself. He seems less forgiving and more merciless than normal, filled with anger towards Malekith and his forces.

One could imagine how different the Thor: The Dark World movie “wouldve been” had Iron Man been present to help Thor fight the MCU copy of Malekith, especially if Tony wore this armor. It probably would have been a much shorter movie( something that Dark World might have benefitted from ). In any case, it’s probably a good thing Iron Man only briefly expended this armor. While helpful, it’s lethal and intense works are probably better suited as a one-off suit, rather than some of his more long-standing consistently attire armors.

At the end of the working day, Iron Man is at his best when he’s a more lighthearted protagonist, rather than being one filled with vengeance.

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