Last week’s poll summary: Last week, we asked you which email buyer you use. Out of over 5,000 total referendums, 52 percent of voters said they use the standard Gmail app. 13 percent of voters use Microsoft Outlook, 9 percent of voters said they still use Inbox by Gmail( RIP ), while Blue Mail and furnish email apps each received 5 percent of the votes.

Augmented reality may not altogether change the path we use our smartphones, but there are some novelty employ occurrences for it. Make Google’s Playmoji, the augmented reality “stickers” that can be dropped into your environment and interact with the world around you. There aren’t too many rationalizations you’d want to use them, other than to simply spice up your photos or videos.

I don’t use them often, but they are pretty entertaining when I recollect there is. I’m partial to the Star Wars and Stranger Things Playmoji — having a porg interact with Eleven is actually pretty cute. I’d also recommend downloading the new Childish Gambino parcel that simply croaked live a few days ago if you want to celebrate his laundry list of Grammys 2019 apportions.

Have you used Playmoji on your Pixel? Let us know in the referendum below, and speak up in the comments if you have anything to add.

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