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Netflix have secreted the first full trailer for the third largest season of reach demonstrate Stranger Things, and it searches stunning!

The streaming service have been razzing us with cryptic videos to build up the publicity encircling the upcoming season, which was already high to be honest.

But finallyyyyyyyy a trailer has been released, returning us a closer look at what we can expect from the patch for the third season as we return to the Upside Down.

Check it out here 😛 TAGEND

Season three will consist of eight episodes, with Netflix revealing their claims at the end of last year in a video.

The incidents are titled 😛 TAGEND

Suzie, Do You Reproduce?

The Mall Rats

The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard

The Sauna Test

The Source

The Birthday

The Bite

The Battle Of Starcourt.

Of course those reputations don’t apply much away, but it is enough to give something for fans to pore over, coming up with different forms of fan theories.

Netflix are obstructing shtum over plan items, but they have previously exposed season three will be implemented in 1985, which is less than a year after the events of season two.

However, Gaten Matarazzo( Dustin) did expose to UNILAD the upcoming third season will be’ darker’,’ funnier’ and more intense.

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The next season is certainly darker, the darkest more. And it is definitely bigger.

It is eight bouts and it comes out in summer and takes sit in the summer of 1985. While “its by” darker and intensified, it is also funnier.

Gaten computed the season will too feature more of’ Dad Steve ‘, which I see is what he required by’ funnier’.

dad steve and dustinNetflix

Dustin and Joe Keery’s character Steve Harrington genuinely hit it off during season two, with Gaten declaring the friendship is his’ favourite fraction’ of the appearance so far.

He computed 😛 TAGEND

I enjoyed the development of Steve and Dustin’s relationship. It has been my favourite one of the purposes of filming the show.

Working with Joe was dazzling. It was just … funny. They didn’t know the friendship was going to happen but it only clicked and worked.

It is also one of my favourite parts of the display, so I am excited to attend more of Dad Steve in season three.

And thankfully we haven’t got long to wait, as the third season of Stranger Things is likely to be released on July 4 on Netflix.

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