Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Talk Self-Quarantining & Reveal Who's Handling it Better - Watch!

Ellen DeGeneres is back!

After various weeks off the breeze while self-quarantining, the 62 -year-old entertainer is returning to host her see remotely from her residence, with the return incident airing on Monday, March 6.

For her first patrons, Ellen is chitchatting via video chat with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and asks how they’re holding up while locked up at home.

” Obviously it’s just “the worlds largest” unreal situation ever, but we’ve been holding up high-pitched ,” Chrissy said.

Ellen then questions who is dealing with the best and who’s dealing with it the worst- pointing out that Chrissy, in the past, has called this a” dream situation” to be inside all day, while Ellen feels like John would want to be out doing things- and the couple agreed!

Watch more from Chrissy and John’s interview in the video…

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