Wonder Woman 1984 will see the return of Gal Gadot’s super-heroine, and affiliating her will be Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva, aka Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s oldest and most nefarious foes. As of now, it remains unclear exactly how Wiig’s character will become Cheetah in the film, or even though they are she is likely to be the primary devil in the film, given that Pedro Pascal is also co-starring as DC Comics bad guy Maxwell Lord.

Now that we’ve gotten our first look at Wiig in her full Cheetah costume, here’s everything you need to know about Cheetah and the various women who have held that title in DC’s comics.

[ ignvideo url= “https :// www.ign.com/ videos/ 2019/12/ 08/ wonder-woman-1 984 -official-trailer-1”] Cheetah Explained: The Basics As a connection between the world of men and the Greek gods, Wonder Woman has accumulated numerous opponents over the years. However , none of her foes have proven quite as deadly or steadfast as Cheetah. Powered by the plant deity Urzkartaga( at times) and fueled by her hatred and jealousy of Wonder Woman, Cheetah creates a merciless strong and barbarism to every battle. However, that inhumanity has never corroborate a match for Wonder Woman’s desired and tendernes. Cheetah finds Wonder Woman as an adversary, but Diana watches her as a pitch friend in need of saving.

Wonder-Woman-vs-Cheetah Cheetah’s Powers and Cleverness There have been four main incarnations of Cheetah in DC’s comics. The first two, Priscilla Rich and her niece, Deborah Domaine, have no superhuman abilities be talking about. They simply wear cheetah-styled costumes and rely on a combination of fighting skills and general meanness to go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman.

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The modern incarnations of Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva and Sebastian Ballesteros, were both conceded superhuman abilities by Urzkartaga. Both scoundrels were transformed into half-human, half-cheetah composites and were granted increased strength, fasted, durability and senses, as well as razor-sharp claws capable of cutting even Wonder Woman’s body. Cheetah: Origin and Background Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s oldest recurring criminals, debuting in 1943 ‘s Wonder Woman# 6. Pioneers William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter established Priscilla Rich as a anxious, self-centered debutante who becomes a villain as a consequence of her split personality. Even early on, Cheetah depicted an unexpected penetration compared to villains of the time, making a concerted effort to control her darker line-up even as she regularly clashed with Wonder Woman.

[ caption id= “attachment_1 913618 ” align= “aligncenter” width= “5 04 “] The Priscilla Rich version of Cheetah. The Priscilla Rich edition of Cheetah [/ caption]

The Deborah Domaine Cheetah adopted in 1980 ‘s Wonder Woman #274. The niece of Rich, Domaine was propagandized by the terrorist organization Kobra to take over her aunt’s mantle and debate Wonder Woman despite their friendship.

Following the events of 1985 ‘s Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC drastically revamped the Wonder Woman right and Cheetah’s role therein. Len Wein and George Perez introduces the Barbara Ann Minerva version in 1987 ‘s Wonder Woman# 7, impelling her the first Cheetah to possess superhuman the authority and a connection to the gods. Minerva was depicted as an daring archaeologist who ingested a rare substance brewed by worshipers of Urzkartaga, praying the afterlife the chemical would bestow upon her. Unfortunately, the chemical was only intended to be used on virgins, justification Minerva to experience severe anguish in her human anatomy and an ravenous bloodlust in her cheetah kind.


Minerva has remained in the capacity ever since, apart from a brief period where she was replaced by Sebastian Ballesteros in 2001 ‘s Wonder Woman #170; he was the sole humanity to take on the mantle to date. Minerva’s appearance, motivating and influences have changed during that time, and she’s sometimes been evoked as more anti-hero than genuine criminal.

[ caption id= “attachment_1 913623 ” align= “aligncenter” width= “5 04 “] Sebastian Ballesteros became the first man to take up the mantle. Sebastian Ballesteros became the first man to take up the mantle .[/ caption]

Minerva’s connection to past Cheetahs has also varied with go. Originally, both Priscilla Rich and Deborah Domaine remained a part of DC connection, with Minerva killing the onetime to strengthen her claim to the mantle. However, in the wake of DC’s New 52 reboot, Minerva is now represented as the only Cheetah, and both Rich and Domaine were merely two of her temporary comprise names. Cheetah: Beyond the Comics Cheetah’s first appearance outside the comics came in the enlivened sequence Challenge of the Super Friends, with the Priscilla Rich account( was put forward by Marlene Aragon) serving as a member of the Legion of Doom. The Barbara Ann Minerva form dallied a recurring persona on both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited( was put forward by Sheryl Lee Ralph ). These proves removed the metaphysical nature of the specific characteristics, instead imaging Minerva as a geneticist who unknowingly changed herself into the Cheetah. Batman: The Brave and the Bold boasted its own version of Cheetah( was put forward by Morena Baccarin ), one which coalesced a number of aspects of the Priscilla Rich and Barbara Ann Minerva people.

[ caption id= “attachment_1 913617 ” align= “aligncenter” width= “7 20 “] Cheetah as seen in Justice League: Doom. Cheetah as seen in Justice League: Doom [/ caption]

Cheetah has also appeared in a number of DC’s direct-to-DVD animated movies, including Superman/ Batman: Public Adversary, Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: Doom and 2009 ‘s Wonder Woman, as well as video games like Justice League Task Force, DC Universe Online, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and Injustice 2.

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Cheetah will perform her live-action debut in Wonder Woman 1984, played by Kristen Wiig. Director Patty Jenkins proved Wiig will represent the Barbara Ann Minerva explanation. Cheetah likewise received a brief nod in an bout of Arrow, with her mention appearing on a prison cell in an ARGUS facility, but she has yet to make an actual impression in the Arrowverse.

[ caption id= “attachment_2 378316 ” align= “aligncenter” width= “5 90 “] The first promo art for Wiig's Cheetah has hit the Internet. The first promo skill for Wiig’s Cheetah has hit the Internet .[/ caption]

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