Football pundit and former Liverpool star Graeme Souness has launched a scathing attack on Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.

In an interview in The Times, Souness was asked’ Much has been made use of your evident indifference for Paul Pogba. Is this a misconception? Should you have been his teammate, what messages of opinion do you feel that you would have offered him? ’

The Scotsman was quite clear in his response that it was not Pogba’s talent he doubted, but his mental attributes.

‘Pogba has absolutely everything to be a top player — great athleticism, super technique’ Souness said.

‘But his attitude to the game is the polar opposite of mine. He croaks out with one speculation in his brain: “I’m going to show everyone how inventive I am today and be the hotshot of the show.”’

‘My attitude, the space I was taught, was: “Go out and worked very hard to than the chap you’re in against and recognize where that makes you.”’

‘He’d be an ultimate doddle to play against.’

Souness’s recent comments will come as no surprise to Manchester United followers who have come to expect Pogba-bashing from the pundit. The assessment is the latest in a line of criticizes that the former Scotland international has propelled on the Frenchman.

Speaking after the Everton game on March 1st, Souness said here on Sky Sports’ Super Sunday 😛 TAGEND

‘[ Everton’s physios] got[ Andre] Gomes back in a fraction of the time in what would appear to be a far worse injury.’

‘Paul Pogba I experience him dancing at a marry, I check him photographing bands, and only the cynic in “i m feeling” he doesn’t want to be at United.’

‘He doesn’t want to play for United. How can you not want to play for Man United, if that is the case.’

In his row in The Times in September 2018 after United’s 3-0 home overcome to Spurs under Jose Mourinho, Souness mentioned’ Pogba plays for himself, it’s all about how cool he ogles, showing us how smart he is.’

‘I reckon Pogba’s merely in the team to maintain his carry-over cost until United can sell him, because he doesn’t merit his region for any other reason.’

‘Perhaps we’re now examining the selfish actor Fergie didn’t fancy first time round? ’

There may or may not be some truth in what The Times columnist has to say about the 27 -year-old, but his comments are almost certainly tinged with jealousy. Souness was at his best one of the very best midfielders in the world but never had a fraction of Pogba’s talent, money, fame or business petition despite all his achievements at Anfield.

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