2020 has some long-awaited competitions lastly releasing, including The Last of Us Part II and Cyberpunk 2077, but among those heavyweights there are a host of smaller games that are unlike anything else.

From dating sims whatever it is you date your own weapons as you explore a dungeon, to a title where you control a disgraced Yakuza in turn-based combat – there are plenty of unique new plays that might slip under the radar in the face of all the big AAA releases.

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Each of these plays delivering something special to their respective categories, or try something new. Because of that, they deserve the spotlight just as much as anything else. Now are six of the most unique tournaments coming in 2020.

If you have a deep compassion of both bird-dogs and dating simulators, then Best Friend Forever is absolutely the game for you. It lays claim to being the first play to combine pet care and dating simulation into one knowledge. You’ll need to groom your pup and take care of their needs, then set out to explore the city of Rainbow Bay – and assemble plenty of local singles along the way, of course. This all starts with graduating from Paws Academy.

Even better is that your bird-dog has their own set of stats, which will come into play when trying to woo potential date partners. Best Friend Forever seems adorable in all the right ways, and it certainly has uniqueness in spades. It likewise strives to be inclusive, letting you approach dating any practice you want.

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Combining dungeon crawlers and dating sims, Boyfriend Dungeon makes you literally date your own weapons, and again strives to be inclusive. Aptly called the “Bae Blades, ” each artillery transforms into a person looking for love, who you can take on dates with the cash earned from dungeon crawling. If you need any more convincing that Boyfriend Dungeon is something special, time looks at one of the specific characteristics descriptions via the game’s Steam page: “Hammer( Leah ): ready for a crush good time.”

The Yakuza sequence had been achieved in a dedicated supporter following in the west over the last few years, but Like A Dragon represents a fearles brand-new pace. Going from activity brawler to turn-based RPG, Like A Dragon interposes a new supporter, a disgraced Yakuza mentioned Ichiban Kasuga.

Yakuza has a unique brand of laughter and style that you can’t find anywhere else, and Like A Dragon seems to only be upping the ante. You can summon a knife-wielding lobster for a special attack, dally a kart hastening minigame with projectile launchers, and the classic “job system” are actually professions shaping of modern Tokyo, like Club Host or Idol. Being a soft reboot Yakuza: Like A Dragon is the perfect place to jump onboard with the long-running series.

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BioMutant has been delayed a few cases times, but the action-RPG should ultimately be arriving in 2020. Described as a “post-apocalyptic Kung-fu fable RPG, ” BioMutant lets you create your own, well, mutant. You’ll be able to recode the genetic formation of your courage to change the highway they both looking and play video games, lending on things like offstages or projectile legs. It rests hard into its Kung-fu style, and examines to be a fun, peculiar take over the open world genre.

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Golf Story was a surprise indie hit on the Nintendo Switch, and now the sequel Sports Story is widening its scopes. A full-blown sports RPG, Sports Story has you delving into dungeons, infiltrating bases, playing in Golf tournaments, recruiting at a Tennis academy, and more. Golf Story had a great sense of humor and humorou dialogue, and the sequel’s expanded focus hopes even more of that.

12 Minutes is basically Groundhog Day the game, if it has just taken place over exclusively 12 instants and involved a assassination. You represent as a subject living with his wife in an suite, when a police officer arrives, accuses the wife of murdering “his fathers”, and continues to commit a murder himself. The sport is a sequence of playing out those 12 minute, in real age, over and over, trying to find new information and figure out what’s going on, then save their own families. Its 12 hour gambit is an incredibly unique sentiment, and it’ll be interesting to see if it certainly pays off in the end.

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