Month: January 2019

5 Ways to Use The Fantastic Four in Marvel Future Fight | Marvel Let’s Play: Tips & Tricks

Host Josh Saleh breaks down the best ways to utilize the wide-ranging powers of Marvel’s First Family in Marvel Future Fight! > Are contributing to Marvel: http :// WeO3YJ Follow Marvel on Twitter: https :// marvel Like Marvel on FaceBook: https :// Marvel For even more bulletin, keep aria to: Tumblr: http :// Instagram: https :// marvel Google+: https :// /+ marvel Pinterest: http :// marvelofficial Read more:...

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Making an LED matrix out of glue sticks

Glue adheres are huge for appending electronics and other chips to jobs, but as Jon Bumstead registers in his latest project, they are able clear pretty cool flare diffusers. His project makes the form of a wooden container with plexiglass bodies, permitting commentators to find 64 horizontal crystallized adhesive deposits inside. Hidden within the cube are 128 WS2811 LED modules, defrosted into the crest and bottom of each persist. Everything is built around an Arduino Nano, squandering simply a duo of its productions to control each LED. User interface is provided by a button and knob to adjust fast,...

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What’s new on Amazon Prime Video (February 2019)

Amazon Prime Video contributes new entitles each month that are available for free to all Prime members. Check out our roster to find all the content hitting Amazon Prime Video in January and February, from brand-new original line to classic films. The post What’s new on Amazon Prime Video( February 2019 )~ ATAGEND showed first on Digital Trends. Read more:...

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