Month: December 2018

The best Ethernet cables

While our world may be transitioning to wireless connectivity, Ethernet connections are still faster and less prone to slow times than usual Wi-Fi networks. Here are five of the best Ethernet cables you can buy. The post The best Ethernet cables emerged firstly on Digital Trends. Read more:...

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Marvel Says They Could Start Developing X-Men Movies In 2019

21st Century Fox The president of Marvel Studios has said he expects they could start developing X-Men movies as early as 2019. Kevin Feige was speaking about Disney’s acquisition of Fox owned Marvel owneds like X-Men and Fantastic Four when he made the comments. Marvel Studios could begin work on the much-anticipated franchise within the next six months. ” In an interview with Variety, Feige said that although the Marvel Cinematic Universe( MCU) has still not been started meaning the movies, he didn’t think we would have to wait too much longer to start ensure results. He said 😛...

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Gorgeous man-beast Jason Momoa will return as Aquaman in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Fans who loved Aquaman won’t have to wait too long to see Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry again. In detail, they’ll only have to shuffle around for a month and some change as the deep sea superhero will make an unpredictable appearing in the upcoming film, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. In anticipation, the film’s Instagram shared a charming promotional video, which obtains Momoa hollering like an ol’ bimbo as his Lego equivalent uses the original Aquaman comic book as a channel-surf board. It’s mad, it’s zany, but what do you expect? Momoa attaches Margot Robbie( Harley...

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