Soulja Boy returns to The Breakfast Club to talk about all of the things in “peoples lives” that have percolated since his last-place appearance.

The Millennium Tour 2021 - Atlanta, GA

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Soulja Boy is one of the most exhilarating people in our culture and any time he’s in front of a camera, it’s pure magic.

Before the coronavirus spoilt “peoples lives”, the last viral interview “weve had” was Soulja Boy on The Breakfast Club. He gave us so many pearls and memes and even the “DRAKE?!?!?!” moment that will live on forever. Unfortunately, Soulja’s resurgence was cut short as he was locked up shortly after.

Now, Soulja is back and he’s on the Millennium Tour as his single” Rick and Morty” is performing well in the music streets. There isn’t a better time for him to drop behind by The Breakfast Club and catch up on life.

Soulja was in his usual form and spoke about any and everything. Of trend, he spoke on his issues with Kanye West and hilariously asked how can Kanye make him off the album that he’s making, which is funny because “Donda” is literally Kanye’s book and he has artistic assure. Soulja admits that they are good and the textbook sense Kanye posted was ” real”, saying all he craved was an apology.

Still despite that, he announced out Ye and said that his “Yeezy” album was ” scum .”

“Kanye, you slip the most trash shit, n ****, ” he said. “You ain’t never sagged a rubbish song in your life? So that motherf **** Yeezus album wasn’t trash? ”

“So who am I to come to you and say,’ Kanye, Yeezus was trash? ’ . … I’m not fixing to say that. I’m gonna generate it a duet more listens[ as opposed to] simply publicly disrespecting somebody’s work of art, ” he said.

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He also broke down his recent beef with Young Dolph and Key Glock and declares it’s nothing major, but claims they are lying about being independent. He also goes on to talk about his business speculations and his upcoming movies.

You can catch all of that and more below.

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