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With summer well underway, I was necessary to make some time to look at some of the Tarot placards I feel best represent the energy of the season. Tarot is a versatile tool that you can use in myriad channels. You can use it to read predictively, communicate with Spirit, and the Universe to divine datum. You can draw placards to constitute questions, looking at different aspects of yourself and your life, and the journeying you’re on. You can also use them for rituals if you want to harness the specific energy as one of the purposes of a musing.

When I think about the energy of summertime, I think about the sunlight, the deduce masculine, the physical whizs of affection, undertaking, relationship, and ingenuity. Perhaps more so now after expend last summer locked up. However you want to harness this vigour, be it through learns, thought, journaling, or vary wield, we’ll cover a few cards that best embody that fiery, summer goodness in this week’s Daily Focus.

Saturday, August 21

“The Sun is all about a new date, a clean start, and a bright, reflecting future.”

The Sun is a masculine card that are actually represents summertime for me. The placard demo a babe hampering a sunflower, smiling up in front of a radiant sunbathe. It has a sense of adventure, newness, and affection. This placard is perfect for calling on the power of summer. Keep it somewhere you can see it, or even in your purse to stay connected to the divine and harness all the energy summer has to offer.

Sunday, August 22

“The Eight of Sprig is all about act. It’s an action card in an action clothing, the element of Fire burning fast and bright. This poster is all about things happening, and quickly. Be it romance or trip plans, be ready for anything.”

The Eight of Wand signifies when things pick up, they’re disappearing to happen fast. It’s a remember to keep your passport on you and a to-go bag packed. You never know what may come up and surprise you. If you’ve only started seeing someone, it could be a sign of the relationship getting serious quickly. If you’re looking to do something new, be prepared for it to take up more of your time and interest than you apprehended.

Monday, August 23

“The Lovers is a great card for summer woo. It’s all about inclination, lust, and detecting yourself with someone else.”

The Lovers come about reasonably early in the round of Tarot, a metaphor for adolescence, new kindnes, and raging hormones. It’s little about a sturdy, forever-type relationship, and very much about finding something physical, fierce, and recreation to hang onto for a while. This is perfect for a summertime fling, so try not to focus too much on the forever perspective, and really enjoy whatever comes your road. You might surprise yourself with what happens when you just let go and experience.

Tuesday, August 24

“The World is a card for hasten and opportunities.”

If you want to take a trip this summer, leant The World on your mood board. This is a card of traveling, journey, and adventure. There are so many possibilities brewing, and this poster deems all of them. It’s likewise great for manifestation habits. If you just wanted to, kept this card somewhere you can see it every day and envisage what you want to come to you.

Wednesday, August 25

“The Three of Cups is all about having a network of people who really get you. It’s a poster of platonic friendship and friendship.”

This summer, make an effort to see friends who you haven’t seen in a while. It’s been a tough time for a good deal of people, and we’re all time was beginning to reconnect. This is a great time to reach out to old chums and make new rememberings. Besides, you don’t know who might be waiting for a friend to reach out.

Thursday, August 26

“The Four of Swords is about make time to rest and recover. Don’t burn the candle at both ends, make sure you’re taking is necessary to recharge after all the enjoyable activities.”

The Four of Swords is a reminder to take it easy at times. It can feel like there’s a lot of persuade on us to have the best summer ever, after such an isolating time and a half, but the truth is the best memories come from the interesting thing, so make sure that you’re not propagandizing yourself extremely hard to make it The Best, and give it reveal naturally.

Friday, August 27

“Strength is a card not just of muscle, but of kindness and tendernes as well. For a superstar without nature is nothing.”

Strength is sometimes a poster about physical prowess, but more often than not, the type of strength being described is deeper than just that. It’s about pity and goodness. It’s important not to lose sight of what shapes us strong in the long run — the people in our communities who rely on us and is support in return.

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