WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio

WWE and 2K Games have released the first teaser trailer for WWE 2K22.

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The short teaser excerpt was unveiled during Night 1 of Wrestlemania 37 on April 10. The teaser is the first view of this year’s professional grappling sim from both companies since the exhaust of WWE 2K20 in 2019.

Check out the teaser below.

The teaser peculiarities a blend of in-game footage as well as real-life promotional material featuring Mexican wrestler Rey Mysterio. All in-game footage shared comes from a “work-in-progress build”. It also includes improved graphics compared against 2K20, and a brand-new tagline- “It hits different”.

“That[ mantra] doesn’t only apply to the game itself but the nature we marketplace it and communicate with the press, content creators, and our community, ” said 2K world communications overseer Al Stavola in a statement to GamesRadar.

Stavola continued: “We want to try out new ideas and bring everyone along for the outing. You’re going to see things earlier than you have before, with more behind-the-scenes[ material] than we’ve shown in the past. Transparency is really important. This is a different and huge step in the right direction.”

A release date for WWE 2K22 has not been announced, but has been razzed to be “coming soon”.

WWE announced in April last year that it had cancelled WWE 2K21 following the negative reviews for 2K20 from critics and devotees alike due to the game’s buggy gameplay and the absence of brand-new game modes.

The cancellation of 2K21 has given 2K Games more time to work on this year’s 2K22 deed, which according to predicts from the company, should include a “significant evolution in gameplay”.

As a develop, 2K Games liberated an arcade brawler titled 2K Battlegrounds as a replacement. “WWE 2K Battlegrounds is undoubtedly a better recreation than WWE 2K20, despite a lower budget and a more stripped-back approach, ” said Stacey Henley in a three-star review for NME.

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