Everyone thinks Lucifer is so sexy….until they meet the literal demon on a date app. In Flirting with the Enemy, Cindy Pham (@ withcindy) articulates alluring, iconic scoundrels to the test. Can they get a date in the real world?

0:00 Welcome to Flirting With the Enemy
1:13 Lucifer’s Dating Profile
2:50 Timothy( the HBIC)
5:41 Prince( the nice guy)
8:13 Ting( the freaky one)
10:46 Conclusion

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Would You Fall For A Lucifer Catfish? | Flirting With The Enemy – Netflix

Lucifer scored the advertising, but does he truly require the job? Plus, Chloe prepares to give up detective work, Amenadiel meets the LAPD, and more.

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