From cool bikers to street level protagonists to cosmic gunmen – here is Marvel’s 1970 ’s illustrated!

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1970’s Marvel Reading List

Wolverine’s First Appearance- Prodigious Hulk # 181

Punisher First appearance- Amazing Sipder-Man #129

Ghost Rider First appearance- Marvel Spotlight #5

Luke Cage First appearance- Luke Enclose: Protagonist For Hire # 1

Shang Chi First appearance- Special Marvel Edition #15

Misty Knight First appearance- Wonder Premiere #21

Colleen Wing First appearance- Marvel Premiere #19

Star-Lord First appearance- Marvel Preview #4

Gamora First Appearance- Strange Tales # 180

Adam Warlock First Appearance- Marvel Premiere #1

Thanos First appearance – Iron Man #55

Phoenix( Jean Grey) First appearance- Uncanny X-men #101

Carol Danvers First appearance- Ms. Marvel #1

Howard The Duck First appearance- Adventures into Fear #19

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