Recent decisions have both undercut the government’s legitimacy and endangered the people

A failed state is one that can no longer claim legitimacy or play a government’s core function of protecting the people’s basic insurance. Lately, the Wisconsin supreme court seems to be doing its level best to make its state qualify for “failed” status. Multiple decisions have both eroded the government’s legitimacy and endangered the people.

First, there was the primary. Because voting in person is clearly risky during a pandemic, various moods retarded their primaries to make sure everyone was able to mail in a referendum instead of having to go to a polling place. Not so Wisconsin. The state’s Democratic governor signed an administration seek for an all mail-in election but was thwarted by the Republican legislature. Then the minister problem an seek postponing the election. Republicans challenged it, and the Wisconsin supreme court surfaced with them. The primary went forward, but was a disaster: there were “long threads in Milwaukee, where simply five polling places in the whole city were open” and more than 50 people appear to have contracted coronavirus as a result. Ensuring that people can vote without gambling their lives is a basic job of authority, one at which Wisconsin failed.

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