Winter Equipment's V-Plow

Winter Equipment’s” virtually indestructible” PlowGuards and PlowMarkers are among the products the company says are geared to contractors for snow and frost removal.

Snow and ice removal rig corporation Winter Equipmentis expanding its product line with contractors in mind.

Products geared to contractors include plow markers, plow systems and a variety of accessories.

Leading off the product line is the company’s plow organizations, including its V-Plow Assembly and XTendor.

The V-Plow Assembly is designed to protect against unequal and premature wear and eliminate in-season blade changes.

For heavy-duty professions, the XTendor boasts a steel blade with the company’s carbide-reinforced PlowGuards. The companionship says the XTendor structure can survive bumpy streets and impediments, and clearly carried snow and ice to achieve a safe artery surface. It, extremely, is designed to eliminate blade changes.

The company recently introduced its Plow Markers, which it says are practically indestructible. They are made of the same material, rust-proof galvanized sword, as the cables used to stop sprays on attack aircraft carrier. They are high-visible orange and come in spans of 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches.

Other contractor grade makes include 😛 TAGEND

WinterFlex- styrene-butadiene flat rubber divisions with a reversible design that require long-lasting blade use and moldboard defence. It is sold in regions or flattens. Bolt holes are swiped to customer specifications. Grade 8 hardware- imperial hooks guaranteed to satisfy the standard of ASTM grading. Pusherbox Shoes- can be installed by person or persons; too accepts in-field substitution and revision. 18-inch Universal Spinner- designed for long life and less downtime.

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