Despite the simple assertion that may seem nearly impossible to execute poorly, Wrong Turn 6: Last-place Recourse was the cannibal horror movie franchise’s biggest mistake.

Beginning in 2003 with Wrong Turn, the franchise’s simply theatrical release, the following five installments did alterations of the same theme, for better or worse: a group of inbred cannibals, all within the same family, hunting and eat hapless travelers in the West Virginia wilderness. As Wrong Turn was the only theatrical release, it is the most well-known and often the most well-liked. Starring a give of young actors, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Eliza Dushku and later Dexter shoot member Desmond Harrington, Wrong Turn took a simple premise and employed much of what obligated ‘7 0s and ‘8 0s slasher movies immense alongside incredible practical effects from the famous Stan Winston. However, the direct to video sequels were all over the place in terms of quality, with Wrong Turn 2: Dead Boundary often cited as the only one that can go toe to toe–or sometimes, even improve on–the original.

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Director Declan O’Brien took the helm for Wrong Turn 3, 4, and 5, but parted roads with the dealership for Wrong Turn 6. This was the franchise’s firstly mistake because while O’Brien didn’t produce the best records in the streak, he did try to create a more cohesive backstory to the cannibal brothers and expand on the family tree. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings was a prequel movie that also provided as an ancestry narration for the brothers, Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead was a direct sequel to Wrong Turn 2, and Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines “ve been meaning to” creating everything full circle. Really, Wrong Turn 6 never needed to happen — Wrong Turn 5 effectively accomplished the fib. Under a new head, Valeri Milev, the dealership reached an all-time low.

The primary foes of the Wrong Turn movie franchise are Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye — brothers who are in the Odets clas. However, this background–which was established by O’Brien–was changed, along with the family’s last name in Wrong Turn 6. In countless behaviors, Wrong Turn 6 could standalone as a completely separate entry, despite the fact that it includes the cannibals who are a hallmark of the dealership. Instead of focusing on the cannibal family instantly, the movie picks up with a “lost family member” storyline, when Danny( Anthony Ilott) and his friends go to stay at a secluded used, known as Hobbs Springs. Not only is this a difference in how their own families controls, as the ones who don’t look like mutilated monstrosities rolled the used, but it creates the existing three cannibals into the tourism industry, where they cultivate and live alongside their perfectly natural inspecting relatives. In previous movies, everyone except Maynard–their father–has some degree of mutation, and since they’re inbred, it doesn’t seem like anyone wouldn’t have these mutations.

While not as strange of a change of scenery as Jason X and Jason Take Manhattan, which created Friday the 13 th criminal Jason Voorhees into deep space and New York City, respectively, the socialized constituent of the family in Wrong Turn 6 is a strange departure. It does punch a scheme pitch involving very human-looking monsters who are essentially secreting and killings in plain sight, and the franchise has always been about changed genealogy dynamics to some extent, but the rest of the movies were so beautifully simple that this much background and interpretation is not simply doesn’t make sense, given the existing canon information, but it merely doesn’t work.

After a six year gap, another Wrong Turn movie was announced — this time, a terminated reboot. Original writer Alan B. McElroy is returning to pen another installment, which seems like a good move for the right. If nothing else, Wrong Turn 7 will be able to depart from the existing sequels in a manner that is that spawns ability, given that it’s a reboot , not a continuation in name only, which is very much how Wrong Turn 6 feels from beginning to end.

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