Avengers: Endgame is highly unlikely to retake the entitle of the highest-grossing movie of all-time now that Avatarreclaimed the reputation. James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi fantasy maintained the top spot for nearly a decade before the MCU’s 22 nd installment regulate the bar even higher. Avatar’s recent re-release in China granted the world countries of Pandora to come back into the spotlight on the big screen. With the return to theaters in a major box office marketplace like China, Avatar increased its earnings to topple Endgame’s time as the record holder. Located on studio directions, it seems like Avatar will hold onto the title for the time being.

When Avatar first debuted in December 2009, the trailblazing fiction made $2.789 billion at the worldwide box office. The quantity outran the previous record-holder, Titanic, by practically $320. Titanic, which Cameron also guided, braced the status for 12 years before Avatar came along. Seeing as Endgame was the climactic cinema occasion 11 times in the making, it was expected to make an enormous splash at the box office. While some were surprised by its total earnings, Endgame wound up narrowly making Avatar’s place for the top period egregious, coming in at around $2.797 billion.

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With simply one weekend in the re-release stage throughout China, Avatar deserved an additional $ 8.9 million. This impart Avatar’s overall earnings to $2.798 billion, only a million over Endgame’s record. Cameron’s movie, of course, will merely continue increasing that difference as the movie continues to play in China. Though the Russo Brother declared the ongoing rivalry by congratulating the assign and crew of Avatar for rehabilitating the entitle from the MCU, it’s doubtful Marvel Studios will attempt to take a shot at getting back that top spot based on the franchise’s focus.

Though Spider-Man: Far From Home provided as the final entryway of the MCU’s Phase 3, Endgame felt like the true conclusion to the studios’ Infinity Saga. For over a decade, the MCU laid the foundation for an expansive narrative that fully paid off in the two-part event consisting of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Following Endgame, it was made clear the MCU was ready to turn the sheet to a new chapter with the dealership. Aside from a slate of brand-new movie assignments, Phase 4 also includes a handful of Disney+ serial, which formally launched with the entry of WandaVision. While also looking towards the release of Black Widow, the first Phase 4 feature film, Marvel Studios doesn’t seem focused on the past by re-releasing Endgame. Instead, all gazes are looking to the future with several 2021 releases.

On the other hand, Avatar is the perfect candidate for re-release since 20 th Century Studios( now under the Disney umbrella) is attempting to build on the hype leading up to Avatar 2‘s release in December 2022. With new MCU titles planned in order to premiere in the very near future, assuming there are no more pandemic-related postponements, an Endgame re-release could potentially compete with other Marvel-owned belongings, especially through streaming. 20 th Century Studios has nothing to lose by get Avatar back in theaters as it can only help in the long-run. If Black Widow and other MCU films get pushed back, an Avengers: Endgame return could become more likely. Even if it does eventually recapture the deed from Avatar, Disney notions it as a win-win with the studio owning both properties.

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