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Would I Lie To You? Episode: n/a (No. 2) - Picture Shows: Mary Portas, David Mitchell, Rylan Clark-Neal, Rob Brydon, Sara Pascoe, Lee Mack, Paul Sinha

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Friday 19th October

Would I Lie to You?, 9.30pm, BBC1

You’ll know Paul Sinha from The Chase, but when he’s not outsmarting contestants at tea time he’s making people laugh in the evenings as a comedian. Tonight Paul is trying to use his brainpower to outwit David Mitchell and co, alongside fellow guests Sara Pascoe, Mary Portas and Rylan Clark-Neal, but will he be as successful at deception as he is at quizzing? Our favourite of this evening’s anecdotes, however, has to be poor Rylan suggesting that he got mugged by a fox, who stared him out and then ran away with his wallet, leaving him to explain to his insurers that he was held to ransom by a passing four-legged criminal! It’s a hilarious anecdote, but could this outlandish tale possibly be a true story? Rating: ****

The Lakes with Paul Rose, 8.30pm (not Wales), BBC2

He’s more used to trekking through the Antarctic or diving in the world’s oceans but in this glorious four-part series, Paul Rose proves there’s just as much adventure to be hadin the Lake District as he highlights some of its finest scenery and varied history. Kicking off in and around Windermere, where he lives, Paul witnesses the traditional pastime of hound-trailing, and there’s a moving look at the story of Holocaust survivors who found sanctuary in Windermere after World War Two. Paul’s enthusiasm and love for his adopted home shine through in this tribute to one of the country’s best-loved destinations. Rating: ****

Discovery of Witches, 9pm, Sky One

Diana looks weak and fragile for the first time tonight, as evil witch Satu drops her at the feet of Gerbert (played to creepy, chilling perfection by Trevor Eve). As she faces a more powerful attack than she’s ever come up against, can Diana find a way to use her own magic to defend herself? Meanwhile, a panicked Matthew calls Diana’s aunts looking for answers. Can witches and vampires unite to save their girl? Rating: ****

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