Do you want to rest after hard work? Do you need to relieve pres after a stressful school years? Or you are simply looking for a destination to discover the culture, the cuisine? Then, let’s bring your backpack and start your experience instantly, to discover the sublime mood, admire magnificent looks of glorious terrains in Vietnam. Now, we would like to introduce 3 must-visit locates for a memorable North Vietnam tour.

Hanoi- A Thousand Years of Culture and Civilization

Hanoi is obviously the first destination that you can not miss in your North Vietnam tour. As a place that retains its own history and cultural activities of the commonwealth for thousand years, Hanoi is not famous for its historical sites, beautiful countrysides, unique cuisine, but also for tasteful citizens.

Arriving in Hanoi, guests can explore Hanoi’s streets with some popular types of transport such as cyclo or tram. These are all environmental protection tools which help you easily explore this amazing capital.

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The first stopping place of Hanoi in your North Vietnam tour is Hoan Kiem Lake. It is present in the centre for human rights of this city, so you can come here easily by private intends or public transport. In the midriff of the reservoir is the ancient Turtle Tower, surrounded by old cultural heritages such as Pen Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, Writing Pad … These are the tokens creating a different allure for Hanoi- the capital of thousand years of civilization. With the fresh ambiance and picturesque backdrop, this lieu is preferred by approximately youth. It likewise becomes an ideal option to take marriage photographs of countless couples.

Moving Hoan Kiem Lake, you can come to the St. Joseph’s Cathedral nearby. The St. Joseph’s Cathedral is located at 40 Nha Chung Street, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. In general, this monument owns the architectural form of European Gothic, but still have the combination with the neighbourhood building shows the roof tile system, the interior decoration.

Hanoi St. Joseph’s Cathedral is considered ordinary religion structure and one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Vietnam.

After lunch with traditional foods in Vietnam such as Pho, Bun Cha, Banh Cuon, outpouring rotation ,… you can continue moving to the next destination in your North Vietnam tour: Ho Chi Minh places complex. This far-famed situate is including Ho Chi Minh museum, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, his stilt-house, One Pillar Pagoda, Ba Dinh Square. This target is restraining the remains and status President Ho Chi Minh- “the member states national” hero. Coming to Ho Chi Minh places complex, you will have a good opportunity to discover memorabilia of President Ho Chi Minh, important historical landmarks of Vietnam, unique architecture of One Pillar Pagoda ,… This is really a meaningful sightseeing for those who first be coming home with Hanoi.

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The last-place place to visit in Hanoi is The Temple of Literature. Known as the first university of Vietnam, The Temple of Literature is a acclaimed historical site. It impresses both national and international sightseers by the ether of historical periods of feudalism and the traditional values of Vietnam.

Today, The Temple of Literature is also the place where important literary races are harbour, where Vietnamese honors elite students. Moreover, in Calligraphy Festival, one of the most attractive traditional Vietnamese custom-mades is to have an Ong Do( choosing intellectual) write nice names in calligraphy with the the expectations of creating good luck in the coming brand-new year.

In the night, you are able to expend all the time to visit Ta Hien street, also known as immigrant street. Now, you can enjoy some interesting street menu, drink a beaker of brew and experience the merriment, arousing atmosphere among visitors from all over the world.

Ninh Binh- The second destination in your North Vietnam tour

In recent years, Ninh Binh is gradually becoming a tourist destination attracts is not merely domestic guests but also international tourists. Most visitors to Ninh Binh are terribly excited by the amiable poetic grace of amazing places such as Trang An, Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Van Long, … Each destination in Ninh Binh is all very unique and deep features, creating a highlight that lure more and more visitors.

Hoa Lu- the capital city of Dai Co Viet

Hoa Lu was the first capital of feudal Vietnam, associated with three empires: Dinh, Tien, Le. Previously, Hoa Lu was a extend of acre about 300 hectares surrounded by mountain ranges and flows. The western back of Hoa Lu is territory by Truong Yen. The south is protected by stately Ngu Mountain. The north is the Huanglong River spurts. The view of Hoa Lu is truly magnificent and picturesque, with high-pitched mountains, long creeks, typical design despite fights and cataclysms for centuries.

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Thung Nham bird park

If you are a lover of mood and animals, you clearly can not dismiss the appeal of Thung Nham bird park. With its rich ecology and pristine wilderness, this is truly a paradise for fowl devotees. This eco-park astonishes visitors with over 40 different bird species with nearly 50,000 fledglings. Coming now, tourists can pianissimo enjoy the feeling of convening on the barge, watching each flock of white birds hover in the sky.

Trang An

Honored as a natural legacy and a world-wide cultural heritage by UNESCO, Trang An is prominent not only for domestic visitors but too tourists from all over countries around the world. Between two majestic limestone elevations undulating, there is a green river was like a row of silk. All of them create a magnificent stunning vistum that you should not miss in your North Vietnam tour.

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Tam Coc- Bich Dong

If you are a Hollywood lover, you emphatically know Tam Coc- Bich Dong as one of three breathtaking places of Ninh Binh appeared in acclaimed movie Kong: Skull Island. Set 120 km from Hanoi, Tam Coc- Bich Dong is a part of the Hoa Lu limestone mountain range. Known as” Halong Bay on territory”, Tam Coc- Bich Dong prolonged the primitive attractivenes that has attracted countless tourists. In the middle-of-the-road of the enormous sky, you can admire the impressive thoughts of limitless gilded plains, ancient synagogues interweaved with harmonious caves, inexplicable old-time green trees ,…

Sapa- the misty municipality

In the afternoon, your tour will come to the end. Then, you will be transferred to Hanoi. From now, you can come to train station to next end in your north Vietnam tour: Sapa. One of the best ways to visit Sapa is taking an overnight train which differs at 8-10pm.

Fansipan- the rooftop of Indochina

The first sightseer end when referring to Sapa is Fansipan. It would be great to stand at 3143 m, extending out to breathe fresh air, experience the feeling of touching the shadow and revere remarkable sentiments of Sapa below. You can get the experience in Fansipan by the world’s longest cable system. The ticket price per cable car is 600. 000 VND/ being. Fansipan cable has realized the dream of quelling the rooftop of Indochina for all tourists.

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Ta Phin- the hamlet of Red Dao

Ta Phin is an interesting place you should not miss while traveling Sapa. This is the residence of Red Dao ethnic people. The artery to Ta Phin gives remarkable dazing viewpoints of endless lettuce corn environments, luxuriant terrace battlefields, colorful buds, beautiful orchards ,… The trek to Ta Phin will too an ideal option to discover Ta Phin Cave- one of the most attractive ends in Sapa and know-how the unique brocade flair of Red Dao people living here.

Lao Chai- Ta Van

Unlike Ta Phin, Lao Chai is home of Black H’mong parties. This small village is located in a beautiful hollow. Coming to Lao Chai, you will have the opportunity to enjoy sensational impressive viewpoints of Hoang Lien Mountains, Dragon’s Jaw Mountain, beautiful terrace plains ,… After watching this picturesque vistum, you are able to trek through Lao Chai, event Black H’Mong daily life and discover how they make their traditional clothes, handicraft, indigo ,… You can also invite local parties to try making a handicraft by yourself as an unforgettable souvenir.

After visiting Lao Chai, we will walk through a narrow move to Ta Van village. 8 km from Sapa town, Ta Van is a small ethnic hamlet of Giay parties. The aroma of rice blends into space with gilded terraced arenas causes a figurative picture of the mountainous Sapa.

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Coming to Ta Van, you will have a great luck is not merely to revere the serene scenery of rustic ethnic rooftops but likewise to discover how ethnic parties now forge their own production tools and silver carvings. Do not hesitate to chat with ethnic people here. The hospitality and friendliness of the Giay people are able to attain you feel at home with your family. Here is also an ideal alternative for you to buy yourself some beautiful hand-embroidered concoctions. Do not forget to smack some highland specialties such as grilled fish, winning try pony meat, pork armpit stealing, Men Men ,… Lunch know-how in a regional diner before going on the journey is truly a memorable experience.

Bac Ha Market- Northern highlands busines

Last stopping place in Sapa for a excellent north Vietnam tour is the traditional busines for colorful handicrafts. Sapa- Lao Cai owns countless unique markets held at different times. Among them, Bac Ha market is known as one of the most attractive markets.

Located in the high-pitched elevations of Bac Ha district, Bac Ha Market is merely held on every Sunday. This busines affects both domestic and international tourists by the original reference and unique features of the highland ethnicity.

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This large piazza is subdivided into several different spheres. The vegetable and fruits range are always colorful with fresh agricultural products. In the cattle arena, you can find lots of interesting animals such as horses, buffalo, cows, goats … But the neighborhood that captivates “the worlds largest” tourists is where exchanges brocade produces ornamented by ethnic beings. Now you can choose to purchase some beautiful garments, towels, luggage ,… with fragile embroidery boundaries and unique patterns.

Bac Ha market is not a arrange for buying and selling goods, but also for the confront. Beings from various villages come here to meet, reunite after a very long time away. Here is where young people find their lovers.

Going to Bac Ha Market, you need to taste some highland specialties like” steamed corn “, Thang Co, Men Men, corn wine-coloured … They are found only in Bac Ha or some diners nearby.

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It is often said that a North Vietnam tour without checking in Bac Ha market will never be really ended. So if you have a chance, let’s call this interesting market.

In general, there are plenty of other handsome arranges and useds in Vietnam such as Mai Chau- Hoa Binh, Moc Chau- Son La, Halong Bay, … besides the beautiful tourist attractions intimated above. However, with beautiful backdrop, sumptuous cuisine and unique culture, friendly and friendly parties, we ensure that this north Vietnam tour will reach you completely satisfied.

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