Blac Chyna goes off at airportBlac Chyna goes off at airportBlac Chyna goes off at airport

An encounter with a love sent Blac Chyna over the edge this weekend at an airport in Miami.

The reality star was recorded screaming at a woman who allegedly requested her for a photo on Sunday as they were in one of the airport’s terminals, TMZ reports.

In the video, Blac Chyna is seen in what looks like a blue or purple ombre wig and a colorful clothe standing in the terminal with her bodyguards as she hollers at someone to come “f *** ing vaccinated” and to “stop being stupid, h *! ”

Chyna was went off when onlookers say the status of women holding a baby went up to her to ask for the photo, which is when Blac Chyna allegedly started ranting about how the woman better be vaccinated approaching her.

Toward the end of the video, Blac Chyna started exiting off about where she’s from and where she has her street cred. Those around her appeared to be offended by her response to the woman.

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If you couldn’t tell by Blac Chyna’s ranting on where she stands on the whole to get inoculated or not to get inoculated topic, Chyna is definitely vaccinated.

She got her shot the beginning of this year while she was on live. Though some people questioned why she wasn’t wearing a mask as she screamed at the woman.

“She don’t even have a mask on though, ” said one Roommate.

“Why is she screaming with no cover-up on ???? ” another asked.

Then there were others who attacked Chyna in the situation.

“Stay out these celebrities faces, then there parties FIRST, ” a Roommate said.

Even Joseline Hernandez sounded in with her two cents. “Child sometimes parties get you so upset you be like F this I’m going in.”

What are y’all ponders on the interaction? Let us know.

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